Saturday, November 6, 2010

12 Weeks!!

Am I showing yet?? Lol! I wonder how far along I look, as opposed to how far along I am?

This week has been really rough with the morning sickness. It has actually been the hardest week so far. I thought it was supposed to get easier as the first trimester draws to a close. Then again, I guess this isn't exactly a normal pregnancy. :-)


  1. You actually look like a Mom who's in her *4th* pregnancy and in her 12th, it looks like you're pretty close to the money, if not a tad small for 4 little blessings in there on your *1st* pregnancy in your 12th week~ You look adorable! I'm sorry it's been such a rough week! I was really praying you'd have a good feeling you..and continuing to keep you in prayer~ Connie

  2. You sure do make sickies look beautiful! I'd sure share the rough stuff with you to give you a break if I could. Hugs and all my love... Amy

  3. Hope you get to feeling better - you look wonderful in your picture!

  4. Clicked over to your blog because I saw a comment Elizabeth D. made on your facebook mention of your trip to your MOM meeting... guess that makes me a creepy facebook stalker - YIKES. Heh. Sorry. I'm not that scary, ask Liz if you're concerned. ;-)

    Anyway, you caught my attention because I'm at 19 weeks with twins (my first pregnancy too). Boy, and I thought MY blood pressure dropped when we saw the two little peanuts on the ultrasound. Sorry to hear you're feeling so awful - you should be getting really close to getting out of it - it was week 14.5 or 15 for me. Will be watching, praying, and keeping up with you! Take care!

  5. You are the CUTEST pregnant lady I have ever seen! I am praying for you and am so excited for you! Love you!


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