Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sonogram and C-Section RSVP List

I had another sonogram today and everybody is still holding their own! It was a limited sonogram so they didn’t measure the babies, but they did check heart rates and amniotic fluid levels. The only thing they found was the Ellie seems to have a little less fluid than the other three babies. The ultrasonographer told me that Caleb, Abby, and Elijah have fluid between 2-3 centimeters, and Ellie’s fluid is between 1-2 centimeters. It is not at a level to be concerning at this point, but it looks like her fluid could be decreasing very slowly. Could she be the one in the ruptured sac? They aren’t sure. The point is that she still does have fluid. The ultrasonographer said that it isn’t something we have to worry too much about right now, but as her parents, we would love to see her fluid hold steady and for her to grow more. We don't have any medical training, but she seems to us to be having the hardest time out of the group. Team Ellie? Your prayers are needed (and anybody else who wants to join them)!

I am still hanging in there. My back pain hasn’t been as bad over the past couple of days, which is a welcome relief! They have a massage therapist on staff here at the hospital who works with pregnant women who have been on bed rest more than a week. She also works with the babies who end up in the NICU. Between the memory foam bed, the egg carton on top of it, the heating pad, and the massage (doctor ordered!!), I’ve been more comfortable. And when it gets really bad, I can take muscle relaxants. I’m so glad there is finally some relief! It makes this a little easier!

Today, I was told about the people who will be involved in my cesarean section when we get to that point. I knew there would be quite a team, but now I know exactly who is participating:

My OB Team (these are the people who will be working on me):

  • Anesthesiologist

  • Anesthesiologist Resident

  • Perinatologist

  • 1-2 OB Residents

  • Scrub Technician

  • 2-3 Delivery Nurses
    1 will be run for any supplies that are needed and not in the room
    1 will document everything that happens

  • Information Associate

Baby Teams (each baby will have their own team!):

  • Neonatologist or Nurse Practitioner

  • 2 NICU Nurses
    1 to take care of the baby
    1 to document everything that happens with the baby

  • Respiratory Therapist

In addition to the people on each Baby Team, there will be two Pharmacists (1 for every two babies) who will be there to administer emergency medication.

After they gave me the list, I asked if they would have room in there for me and Sean! Lol!

They will use two adjoining surgery rooms for the cesarean section. Everyone will start in one room and once the first two babies are delivered, their teams will move with them into the next room to make space for the teams to work with the last two and me in the original room. I’ve been told that in an emergency situation, they can transport me to the surgery rooms, have me on the table, under anesthesia, and open me up in less than 10 minutes. While I really hope that doesn’t happen (I’d like Sean to be there!), it is reassuring they can work that quickly if necessary.

Next week, we get to tour the NICU. They already have an action plan in place for the babies, as well as two rooms that are sterilized and ready for them to move into. Apparently, the rooms have been ready for a week and half and are reserved just for our babies. They won’t be putting any other babies in those rooms because ours can come any day. Every day, the NICU gets a report on how I’m doing so they have an idea if our kids will be showing up soon. I’m so glad they are ready for us!! It’s one less thing for us to worry about.


I know Sean posted yesterday about how we receive a lot of email, phone calls, and text messages every day. We do want to make sure that you know how much we enjoy and are encouraged by the comments that you leave on our blog, Facebook pages, and via other forms of communication. It lets us know that people are still keeping our babies in their prayers! We just also need people to understand that we can’t respond to all of the contacts that are made every day. We certainly wish we could, but Sean is working, and I stay surprisingly busy with everything they do here at the hospital to keep tabs on our babies. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the internet and responding to people since I try to rest in between visits from hospital staff. I’ve found that the more tired I get, the more my contractions increase, and everyone is trying to keep my uterus as quiet as possible. All of that to say, some people have told us that they are concerned that we are not getting back with them, so thought we needed to be upfront that it’s not that we don’t want to respond, we are just limited in terms of time and energy. But please don't stop letting us know that you are there! The last thing we want to do is offend our support system by not responding, and really appreciate the understanding that you all have extended to us as we fight for the best outcome in this situation.

Every day the doctors say the same thing on their rounds, “Stay boring!” And every day I respond with, “I’m trying!” No news is very good news in our situation! Overwhelmingly, the one question people ask is, “How are Becca and the babies?” We are so thankful that we don’t have more exciting news to share right now. However, as soon as anything changes, it will go up on the blog right away. We know that is the quickest way to mobilize our wonderful prayer warriors! We are SO grateful that you all care so much and continue to watch our blog so you know when to throw your prayers into overdrive!

--Posted by Becca


  1. Dear Rebecca! I'm so glad you and the babies are doing well, that you are edging up on 26+ weeks! Will be remembering Ellie especially.

    As far as keeping in touch with everyone, I know it is overwhelming and you need not apologize for not being able to talk to each person who wants to talk to you! I remember when my dad was mauled by the pit bulls -- a very different situation, but arousing similar concern in our kind community -- my mom got so tired of telling the story again and again and answering all the phone calls. Eventually she wrote it out and handed it to people! I guess that's the job of this blog. I'm so glad to know how you're doing. You and Sean are an amazing team!

  2. Thanks for the updates. Praying for all of you!!

  3. Becca; This made me cry. I will most certainly be praying for sweet little Ellie and for her momma. Such intensity and minute by minute stuff going on for you all. Praying also for sincere peace, rest and strength for you and Sean. It gets intense and Sean is a great husband/dad. He is overwhelmed too. It gets hard when it feels things are taken out of your control and given to folks you haven't even seen or met yet, let alone do not know.

    I will be praying for all four sweeties to stay put and for Ellie's fluid to increase etc.... I am SO grateful for all the advancements God has allowed in this line of Medicine. For all the people dedicated to the lives of these little ones. So grateful for parents who did not choose selective reduction or other things but took what God laid before them and moved forward.

    "......................And it is our God who will supply ALL your needs according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus...."

  4. Oh, and The prayer warriors are going No Where. ;-} We have all been in a tight spot before. Maybe not this exact same sort of spot but anyone who agreed to pray is praying. Of this I am sure by the evidence of what God is doing in and through you and Sean and the keeping of the babes.

    To God Be all the Glory. He has already done exceedingly above all we could ask or think but then again, He is God and we are not. Who are we to say that God cannot keep those kids right where they need to be until the moment He decides to bring them forth. Praying for every day and every hour. That's a promise.

    Every single day kept there, safely in their God ordained place is one less day or week in the NICU. Amazing that it takes a team of fifty plus to do what God does silently inside a woman's body. He will be Glorified in all this and you and Sean will continue to be prayed over daily.

  5. So glad to hear that the preparedness of the hospital gives you some peace! Keep those babies in for one more more more day...

  6. That's what I told James last night when he asked me if I'd heard anything (we pray for you every night). I said, no, but no news is probably good news! :) We will be praying for little Ellie tonight.

  7. You don't know me, but I read the article about you and your family in the KC Star. Every since then, I've been following your blog and praying for you and your babies. I love to read the updates and will take then when you feel you can write them. Know that there are a lot of people out there praying for you and your sweet babies and for your husband as I'm sure this is equally hard on him in a different way. Stay positive and know that God is watching you and holding you in his hands and heart. God bless you all.

  8. Becca and Sean,
    As I read through all of this blog I could picture what is to going to happen when the babies come. Like another person stated when reading it - it made me cry.
    I am excited and full of care at the same time.

    I am confident that you are in the perfect place to deliver 4 babies. I love St. Luke's and the way they are all taking care of you.

    God is holding each and every one of the Ishum kids in the Palm of His Almighty Hand.

    This time next year, let's have a Valentine Party with them and celebrate God showing His love and care to your family.

    I am your bulldog, never give up, Prayer Warrior!

  9. Stay strong Becca Rose! You looked beautiful today!


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