Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photo Shoot and Magazine Articles

Back in December, Kansas City Parent Magazine contacted me to see if I would write a few articles for them about what it’s like to have quadruplets. At this point, I’ve written three articles and had the pleasure of actually seeing them in print! When I was working on my English degree in college, I always thought it would be fun to be published someday. I worked as an editor on our campus literary journal and had a couple of pieces published through that, but hadn’t had anything beyond that printed. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to write about our kids for KC Parent magazine!

My third article will be in the July issue of the magazine. It’s a free publication that can be found in over 1000 metro stores. For this article, they wanted to add some photos of the babies so that people who are following the series can see what we look like. They sent out Antisdels Photography to do a photo shoot with the babies at the beginning of the month. Our photographers were awesome and so patient while working with four infants who were getting a little cranky by the time we finished the pictures.

With permission from KC Parent Magazine, they’ve allowed me to post one of the photos that will be in the magazine on our blog:

I LOVE how it came out! All of the colors are so playful! (And yes, they did photo shop Ellie's birth mark out) Many thanks to Kia the photographer, Natalie her assistant, Cheryl and my mom for helping me juggle babies throughout the shoot, and my mother-in-law for her great taste in picking out the overalls that the babies are wearing!

I encourage y’all to check out the publication! They have fun articles and resources for parents in the metro area. The same group also publishes KC Baby and KC Going Places (you can get them in the same stores that have KC Parent). KC Going Places is another magazine that I enjoy! It has information about different places in the metro that you can explore with your kids. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that when my kids get just a little older.

And if you want to read the articles online you can see them here:

February Issue: Pregnant with Quadruplets

April Issue: Birth of Quadruplets (this article was taken directly from our blog because there wasn’t time to write one after the babies were born to make the due date)

July Issue: Life with Quadruples at Home 

 --posted by Becca


  1. That is seriously an amazing picture. And I loved your article. You definitely have a way with words. Adding "published author" to your already impressive list of accomplishments is quite amazing. Keep it up, mama! :)

  2. Becca, The articles are a joy, as the blog posts have been! The picture is beautiful, and I still pray for you all!

  3. You (Becca) look lovely and your babies are just sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! With or with-out Ellie's birth mark, which is by the way, a (kiss by God's angel) makes her more special.... AGAIN, thank's for taking the time and sharing. :)

  4. SO PROUD OF YOU! What a fabulous picture. All sorts of dreams coming true here. God is good ALL the time!

  5. WOW MOMMA!!! What an amazing picture of you all! I do love the colors and you all just look so wonderful!!! I still can't believe how amazing you look! I only have one kiddo and still trying to get to look like you! I'm so happy another dream (to be published) has come true! I don't know if I told you, but when I was in the hospital delivering Emilia they had your magazine and John saw your article and showed me! I was like, "Wow! That's awesome!" I'm so happy for you, but mostly I am PROUD of you! You took on a huge challenge and you are not only handling it - you're ROCKIN' IT MOMMA!!! You are an inspiration to me and I know you inspire the entire KC Metro and beyond with your writings! I'm so proud to call you my friend!

  6. That's a gorgeous picture! And thanks for sharing those articles. :)


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