Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cereal, Crawling, and Christmas is Coming

One week until Christmas!

I thought this year would be pretty low key with being on lockdown, but somehow, four babies have made for it being anything but that!

The kids are definitely keeping us crazy busy!

Caleb is such a sweetie, but he hasn’t done much in terms of moving from point A to point B yet. Why go to all that work when eventually someone will just make the move for him?? He rolls a lot though and gets up on his knees a bit. I imagine he is not too far behind the others. His favorite thing is giggling. He loves being tickled and sometimes he will just lie on the floor and laugh at his own private jokes. Hmm…reminds me a lot of his father.

We wish a little of his happiness would rub off on the kid that was born four minutes later.

Now that Abby has figured out how to crawl, she thinks she is a cat. If she wants to be picked up and one of us are sitting on the couch, she crawls over and rubs up against our legs…or head butts us. Whatever strikes her fancy, I guess. She also likes to lick our knees when we are down on the floor. I really don’t know what to do with that….

Happily though, she FINALLY decided to give up her oxygen. It was a surreal feeling packing up all of her monitors and supplies to go back to the medical company. For all intents and purposes, we have had a mobile NICU unit set up here, and suddenly, we were done. Nine long months of fighting to get them stable and breathing without support and **BAM** we’re finished. Not complaining, of course. It’s just such a strange thing to watch the gear that has accompanied us everywhere walk out the front door and then look down and realize that my daughter is officially unattached to it.

Elijah is doing what I like to call “The Injured Soldier Crawl.” He throws one arm out and then drags the other three limbs behind it. It’s kind of hilarious by itself, but the physical and occupational therapists are now zeroing in on him to develop core strength. That boy hates therapy like non-other. His therapists were telling me yesterday that most kids can be coaxed into doing their exercises after awhile, but not Eli. He is a total wet noodle, and does his best to stay that way. I think his unequivocal refusal to do anything is definitely challenging to his therapists. Other than that, he is the most laid-back, genuinely happy baby I’ve ever met.

I’m sure his sisters would be thrilled, though, if he would stop kicking them in the face. Yep, I’m already having to separate my kids.


Our runt. Ellie is a crazy little thing! She suddenly decided to start crawling a few days ago without any warning. When I left for the grocery store, she was just spinning around in circles. By the time I got back, she was crawling all over the place. There really was no lead up to it. She just decided she was going to start crawling and got down to business!

Always our high maintenance child, she is currently driving us both up the wall with her constant crying in the evening. She isn’t hungry, wet, dirty, cold, or in pain. She just wants to be held for hours on end. Even if Sean is playing on the floor with the kids, if he isn’t playing specifically with her, she screams about it. We try not to let her dictate how our evening goes since we have to get other things done too (like eat dinner), or play with our other kids, but we are kind of suckers. She gets held a lot. She’s a hoot though because when she is playing or laughing, she makes sounds like she is a lion. When she’s happy, she’s thrilled to be alive! And when she’s sad, we aren’t thrilled to be alive. Go figure.


I have to stop for a minute and ask, “Did you like the previous four photos?” We love them! They were taken by the same photographer, Debra, from Abundant Moments Photography who did the babies Newborn shoot. We are super lucky to have won that gift certificate! Woot! We now have a large print of our family and a large print of them all curled up together naked on our dining room wall (Don’t worry. The nakedness is tasteful. Everybody can still eat. :-) )

We still have another shoot or two in the next few months before we are done. We are talking about doing one either here at the house in their environment (once they can sit up by themselves) and/or a first birthday shoot. If you want to see her other work or are curious about her, you can go here.


These photos are treasures at our house!


Sean’s parents’ brought over the babies’ first Christmas tree last weekend, so we set about decorating it. In a bid to keep pine needles out of their mouths, the tree is sitting on our kitchen table on the other side of the gate. But for this photo, I asked Sean to move it into their play area. Sean’s mom also brought over Christmas pajamas, so we dressed them up and took their first Christmas photo.

A Christmas Elf, Santa Claus, A Reindeer, and The Kid who Thinks if She Stays up Long Enough She Will Catch Santa Coming Down the Chimney

(we haven’t had the heart yet to tell Ellie that we don’t have a fireplace or chimney in our living room).


One last treat for those of you who like to see videos of our kids. We have officially started rice cereal! We are taking it very slowly to give their digestive systems time to adjust, so we are sticking with just the cereal right now. Curious how that’s going? I’ll let the video speak for itself.

In case we don’t talk before then, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas!



  1. I am so excited and happy for you guys. They do grow quickly and do the most amazing things sometimes. Have a great holiday with them and take lots of pics. Oh by the way I say take a 1st year photoshoot.

  2. so wonderful Rebecca (saying with a huge lump in my throat) ... feeling so happy for you and realizing what an adventure you have been on! much love to each of you...xxoo

  3. Think about it..Ellie wasn't just doing circles she was winding! LMAO The babies are beautiful & aren't they a hoot with how different they all are! Merry Christmas x 6!

  4. Love the pictures. Praying for all of you frequently.

  5. What cute little helpers this group makes....waiting on Santa! and they don't know about the presents thing yet.


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