Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in October...

I have wanted to post these photos since OCTOBER! I’m very impressed with myself for sitting on them this long!

One of my super good friends, Elizabeth Dahl, is a birth and child photographer in Minneapolis. We met in college choir and immediately hit it off! One of my first memories of hanging out with her involved sitting on the curb in front of Hy-Vee for a couple of hours drinking chocolate milk. There was also the time that she dragged me into a Victoria's Secret (scandalous to me at the time!) to look around. Lol! Everyone needs a crazy fun friend and Liz is that for me!

Becca and Liz-Sep 2006

Then one day, she met this guy, fell in love, and moved way up to the frigid north. Sad day for me.

But, in October, she came back to Kansas City to visit! While she was here, she very graciously helped me put together the Christmas gifts that we gave to both sets of grandparents. She took some photos of the grandkids on both sides (Marissa + our kids and Aly + our kids) so that we could blow them up on canvases.

She also took a few extra just to be nice.

I loved what she was able to capture!

Awesome Family Photo!

Cousin Marissa and the Babies

Cousin Aly and the Babies

Love this one of the girl cousins on Sean's side!

My boys!

Aw, so sweet! Daddy comforting Elijah.

Mommy and her Girls

I like how Liz caught the sunset with this one!

The little boys! Caleb in blue and Elijah in brown.

One of my absolute favorites! So much curiosity here!

Caleb, Abby, Ellie, and Elijah

If you want to see a couple more photos from this day, click here to go to Liz's website where she blogged about us!

This was such a huge gift that Liz gave us! Only a really great friend is willing to try to take a picture of five infants at the same time just because she likes you. I asked for two pictures and she took so many more. Aw, thanks Liz! She’s a keeper!


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