Monday, March 19, 2012

Boys will be Boys

The boys are the complete opposite of the girls. They are low maintenance, rarely unhappy, great eaters, and best friends with each other. I find them so refreshing because they are such easy babies and a joy to have around! However, I've discovered that their laid-back personalities make it easy for them to pull one over on me.

Elijah the Explorer
We keep our living room blocked off with a gate, toy box, and couch. Honestly, it's not much of a living room anymore. It's become a playroom. The perfect hang out spot that's filled with toys, we've baby-proofed it pretty well at this point.

The trick is when we open the barriers to carry kids upstairs for nap time. As of this week, no more leaving the blockade open! Elijah now moves so fast that he went around the couch, through the entry way, across the kitchen, and pulled himself up on the kitchen cabinets in a matter of seconds. Of course I took a photo because he was SO proud of himself for crawling so far. And then I deposited him safely back in the playroom. I'm now a little more careful about keeping all of the gates closed, even if I'm only walking out of the room for 30 seconds to carry a baby to the other room.

Caleb the Entrepreneur
Caleb asked me to blog about the new line of hair care products that he developed this week. His first product is a hair gel. Check this out:
-100% All Natural
-No dyes or preservatives
-Baby Safe
-Pure ingredients for a purely fantastical style
-Instant results

The formula he came up with is a very specific blend of single grain oatmeal and peaches with a secret ingredient for lasting effects (Okay, I'll just tell you. It's baby saliva.)

Caleb did his hair just especially for these photos so that you all could see how well it works:

(Believe it or not, this wasn't even the worst of it! He has thoroughly coated it, but I didn't take a photo of that one.)

Elijah the Cookie Muffin Snatcher!
I do a lot of baking when I can find the time. It is cheaper, tastes better, I can control what we are eating, and I find it really relaxing. When I bake, I try to make a bunch at the same time to cut down on the mess and then freeze the items so that I can use them over a few weeks. Today I mixed up 5 dozen Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, 2 dozen Banana Muffins, and a loaf of Italian Bread. The muffins with chocolate in them are going to be shared with the family of one of Sean's sick coworkers, the banana muffins are for the babies, and the Italian Bread is for me! (Note in the pictures below how close the muffin in the corner of the table is to the play area.)

I was packaging up the muffins for our freezer and the other family and suddenly I realized that I was missing one.  I went back and did a mental count, but each of my gallon ziplock bags had the correct number of muffins in them. Suddenly, I realized that there was a very quiet little boy sitting on just the other side of the gate with two fists full of muffin seeing if he could eat the whole thing without me catching him.
You can see him carefully watching his muffin to make sure none of the other babies steal it. Lol! I removed what was left of the muffin, but did let him finish what he had clenched in his fists. Thankfully, he grabbed a banana muffin and not one with chocolate in it! I let him eat the rest of the stolen muffin with dinner. See? I'm a nice Mommy. :)

I have to remember that they are so much quieter than their sisters, and that isn't necessarily a sign that they are staying out of trouble. Mental note: If the girls make noise, there is a problem. If the boys don't make any noise, they are probably getting into something mischievous.


  1. Sneaky, sneaky boys. I don't care what people try to say about imposing gender stereotypes - boys and girls are just plain different.

  2. Aw, that is precious! I agree, quietness is NOT always a good sign. DS has been happily playing quietly before, and wouldn't you know it, he was chewing on the dog's bone!

  3. Rebecca....send the boys over. Ari and Evan at 16 months old can teach them SO much about being sneaky! :)



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