Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Shoes and Therapy

We have recently introduced shoes to the kids! Thankfully, we have Debbie, our occupational therapist, and Jessica, our physical therapist, helping the kids learn how to use them. It's been a lot of work just getting them to learn basic motor skills, so introducing "weights" attached to each foot is definitely a bit of a curve ball!

Since last summer, Debbie has come over twice a week and Jessica has come over three times a month to work with the kids. We are really grateful for the Missouri First Steps Program and all of the help they have provided. We knew that with babies born just shy of 28 weeks, we would have a lot of catching-up to do developmentally. I can't imagine where we would be without these two awesome ladies in our home! With their help, we have high hopes that our kids will be fully on track with other kids their age by the time they turn two!

Here is a peek at the therapy sessions at our house. I took these over the course of a couple of days, hence the outfit changes. :)

"What the heck are these things?!"

"Oh my word, you have them too?!?!"
Elijah and Caleb

"These aren't so bad as long as I can DANCE!"
Abby and Miss Debbie

"So...are they supposed to do something? They haven't moved yet."

"Yay! I stood up all by myself while wearing my shoes!"
Miss Debbie and Ellie

So interesting...
                        Abby                                                                                              Caleb

Group Picture!
Caleb, Abby, Miss Debbie, Ellie, and Elijah

Working on bearing weight on the right leg. (It's easier to walk if you trust both legs.)
Ellie and Miss Jessica

Walking next to Miss Debbie without holding onto any hands.

Practicing standing all by himself without holding on to anything.
Miss Debbie, and Elijah

Yep. Shoes are WAY more fun when they are off of feet and in the mouth!


  1. What an accomplishment!! SHOES!!!
    Can't wait to see more! daughter, Amber, is at 24 weeks in HER quad pregnancy. I will LOVE it when SHE gets to the shoe part of her journey.....


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