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15 Month Check-Up: We're Growing!

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One of the wonderful things about the babies getting older is that the number of doctors' appointments per week have been drastically reduced. It was common to have 3, 4, or even 5 appointments per week when they first came home. It was very overwhelming!

This week was kind of strange for us. We actually had two appointments, both right across the street from the hospital that we lived in for a few months last year.

Dr. Kevin is our awesome pediatrician. He is extremely patient with the kids...and more so with me and the millions of questions and lists that I bring in each time. I actually type out a document for each baby with their feeding schedule, developmental milestones, and upcoming appointments. I've found that doing so cuts a good 30-45 minutes off of our appointment since half of his questions are answered by looking at the sheet.

Anyhow, the kids had a fantastic 15 month check-up! I snapped a few photos of them when I realized that they are probably more "kids" than "babies" at this point. *sniff*

Caleb weighed in at 20 lbs, 5 oz. He loves table food, so he's starting to put on some weight!

Abby is the littlest at 17 lbs, 6 oz. Unlike her brother, she isn't a fan of table food. But when has Abby ever liked eating in general?? I'm just glad she gained some weight!

Elijah is now 20 lbs, 9 oz. Big boy! 

Ellie is 18 lbs, 8 oz. A definite increase from her 1 lb, 14 oz weight at birth! She was totally cracking Dr. Kevin up in this photo because she was holding the plastic ear thingy (no idea what those are actually called) like a cigar. Lol!

The kids think he is an awesome doctor because he lets them play with their tongue depressor while he checks them over! :)

The major difference between this appointment and previous appointments is that they were ALL OVER the place this time! We couldn't get them to hold still on the examining table at all. I seem to be getting more tired in direct proportion to how much they are moving these days!


 The next day, we took the kids to their 15 month Developmental Follow-Up through the NICU. The therapists were finished much more quickly than we thought they would. They were blown away by all four of our kids walking...especially Ellie who they had been watching for signs of cerebral palsy. God has been extremely good to our family, and we were excited to learn that they easily meet the 12 month adjusted developmental milestones and are starting to close the gap.

So pretty much, they just let them play a bit and then called it good. We go back in six months for one last follow-up, and then we are officially done! They also told us to expect that they could very well be completely caught up by then if we stay on the same track!

 Abby with a baby doll that she found.

"I am Caleb. Hear me ROAR!"

Ellie helping Daddy adjust to a new situation...or is that the other way around? :)

My little cuddle bug, Eli, giving the camera a big smile!

Abby, Ellie, and Eli playing while the occupational therapist assesses their developmental level.

Group shot with both therapists, Daddy and most of the kids. It's hard to get them to hold still long enough to take a photo.

Even though it always takes a bit of preparation to get out of the house, these are appointments that I enjoyed. It's so nice to go see medical professionals and hear good things about our kids!


  1. God has heard our prayers (probably hundreds of us praying everyday) not only for the babies, but for you and Sean as well! I know how tired you must be Becca and I see the terrible two's quickly approaching. I am sure you have it all together with the child proofing but I'm sure they will keep u on your toes! God Bless you all!((((BUTTERFLY HUGZ)))) Sharri


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