Monday, June 25, 2012

A Shattered Laptop and Bit of Perspective

I think the Toy Story producers were on to something.

Over the weekend, I took advantage of the kids' nap time to work on the blog a little bit and play on FaceBook. At some point, while I wasn't paying attention, Thomas the Tank Engine came to life and decided  that the best place to camp out for awhile was right in the middle of my walking path. Unfortunately, I didn't see him until he tripped me up. The good news is that I caught myself on my way down. The bad news is that I dropped my laptop to catch myself.

This is what my laptop looks like now:

How will I check my money saving sites? How will look for recipes? How will I check my email? How will I BLOG?

On top of that, a brand new laptop isn't exactly in the budget.

In a panic, I texted a friend whose husband is a bit of a computer whiz to see if he could save my laptop. They said that they would come right over, and I was really hoping that they would get here before Sean got home. The idea was for my opening line to be that my laptop was fixable (hopefully cheaply).

Nope. It didn't quite happen that way. Five minutes after I hung up with my friend, Sean walked in the front door.

I greeted him with the words that every husband wants to hear as he comes through the front door, "I don't want you to be home right now!" After wading through my tear-filled explanation of what happened and profuse apologizes, he started smiling.


I just told the guy that I probably destroyed my laptop, along with losing all of the photos that I've taken since the babies were born and all of the writing I'm working on (he has been telling me to backup my computer for weeks, and I've been putting it off).

"Are you okay?"
"Yes." *sob*
"Are the kids okay?"
"Yes." *sob, sob*
"I thought you were going to say you dropped them down the stairs what with the way you are carrying on."
"No, I only dropped my laptop."
"So no one is hurt?"
"No...except my laptop and all of our photos and my writings were on it! And now it's probably destroyed forever!" *sob, sob, sob!*  (I can get a little dramatic sometimes. Heh.)
"But you and the kids aren't physically injured?"
"...No...." *sniff*
"Okay then."
"You aren't mad?"
"Why would I be mad? It was an accident, and no one is hurt."

Well, there's some perspective! I'm so grateful for a husband who doesn't get upset over stuff like this...or a wife who is slightly hyperventilating. I was focused on things, he was focused on people. Sometimes I get so caught up in a situation, that I forget that there is something beyond it. In many ways, my laptop has been one of my lifelines to the great beyond while being cooped up in our house. It turns out that my laptop has become an extension of me. Seriously, I feel a little lost without my friend sitting on the kitchen table.

As much as I hate seeing the shattered screen of my laptop, it is a good reminder not to get so caught up in stuff, no matter how expensive it is or how many irreplaceable photos or writings it contains. Even if the photos of our kids were gone, I still have the real life versions of them running around underfoot.

I'm just hoping that I've thoroughly learned this lesson so that I don't wreck the car or anything like that this week! And I will most definitely start backing up my laptop! And I will be keeping a closer eye out for any toys that come to life!

Oh, and as far as the prognosis for my laptop: My friend's husband said that he could fix it by replacing the screen. The hard drive still works and no photos or writings have been lost. Hopefully, in a week or so, I'll have it back. Until then, I'll be using Sean's old desktop...haven't used a desktop in years!

Do you have a time when a minor (or major) accident helped you regain perspective on what's important?


  1. kids and spouses definitely give us perspective!! i remember i use to give tommy such a hard time when he'd break something "so valuable", but now with three boys things get broken all the time, including cameras, ipod touches, and dishes. thing is i break most of it, it seems like!! it's just stuff, but most of it makes life easier or more enjoyable. so glad that you are married to a man that is more concerned about the well being of his wife and kiddos - you are what really matters!!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Nikki!

      Sean and I do balance each other out really well. I couldn't have asked for a better husband or father for my children!

      And you are laptop is probably just the start of the broken stuff since we have four toddlers in the house!

  2. Dont you worry! Unless you damage the harddrive, everything is safe and sound! just try not to drop it in the bathtub next time :P

    1. Haha! I know! Once I get it back, I'll be afraid to pick it up again! I'll definitely steer clear of any water...geesh!

  3. Becca, You computer might be okay and just the screen needs replaced. That happened to mine a month or so ago and Jeff was able to replace the screen. It was about $200.00 More than I wanted it but it was cheaper than a new computer. I sure hope yours isn't to much to fix. And I think the two of you are perfect for each other!

    1. Aw, thanks for saying that, Tree! I like to think we perfectly compliment each other too! God knows what He's doing when He puts partners together for life!

      I think Sean and Aaron (friend's husband) found the replacement screen for around $65 on Amazon. Even with labor costs, it's still SO much less expensive than a new one! I think it's a God thing, because I literally prayed over my laptop. (And I think He's okay with me doing that!)

  4. Your husband gets lots of Brownie points for his reaction!! (And you don't LOSE any because of yours!! I SO understand!) Y'all make a good team!

    1. :) He gets brownie points AND ice cream (he's a big ice cream fan!) I married such a great guy! :)

  5. A healthy dose of perspective can be the silver lining and you are a wise mama to see it ;) Sorry about your laptop and I would have reacted similarly {my husband too}. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks for the comment, Michelle! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who would have been upset. I was maybe a little too upset, but anyhow...*sigh*

      Sounds like you married a good guy too! :)

  6. Hey Rebecca,
    Try buying a cheap computer screen instead of a new laptop...
    The problem might just be a broken screen!

    1. That's what we did. It should be arriving in the mail today!

  7. So did Sean then go out and buy you a blizzard to make you feel better?


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