Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Oh my word! Was the weather rough this 4th of July or what?

Out of all of the years I've camped out in a fireworks tent, this was the worst heat I've had to put up with. But, the friends who I've worked the tent with every year were there as well, and they made it worth it! We came up with all sorts of sweat-related jokes, which I will spare you the details of, but I have to share the photos that we took when the kids came to visit!

Sean loaded up the kids by himself after lunch on Monday and brought them out to see me. I sure did miss my little quadlers this week! Of course, I did see them when I wasn't working in the tent, but I guess I'm a bit spoiled to get to stay home with them all of the time. 

Daddy Pulling the Kids in their Red, White, and Blue (and Orange) Wagon!

Renee is one of the friends who I got to hang with all week. We definitely don't get enough time together since she lives about an hour from us. We worked it out so that her daughter, Emma, could be there when our kids were. We are hoping that they develop a friendship as they get older, which of course, would mean more reasons for Renee and I to see each other. I guess I have a bit of an ulterior motive, but at least I'm honest about it!

Emma Thought the Wagon was Fascinating! 

Emma wanted to try out the nifty wagon, so we pulled Ellie out for a minute so that Emma could have a turn. We are learning how to share!

Around and Around!

Then we let the kids roam a little bit. With the heat and bit of wind, they much preferred to sit in the wagon.

Scoping Out the Fireworks

They were probably out in the tent around 20 minutes and then they started to get a bit cranky. I can't blame them. Heat makes me cranky too. Being the awesome father that he is, Sean remembered to bring their cups and they guzzled milk like it was their last opportunity for a drink. A quick family photo and Sean loaded the kids up to take them back to the air conditioning.

Independence Day Photo - 2012

Tuesday evening, the grand prize winners of the fireworks package came to pick up their prize! I'm so glad that Natalie brought her four boys and husband with so that we could get a photo! I'm pretty sure that Natalie was the hero at her house this Independence Day!

The Winners! (check out how one of the boys is lunging for the prize his mom won! Haha!)

Okay, this last picture has nothing to do with fireworks but is hilarious enough to share on here. One of the guys in the tent, Kelly, has a really nice big garden. He brought me some fresh veggies for the kids throughout the week. The guy grows the most massive zucchinis ever! He gave me four, so of course, I had to line the babies up for a photo op with them. I love that Ellie's zucchini is almost as big as she is, Elijah is trying to eat his, Caleb is trying to figure out how to fit his whole zucchini in his tummy, and Abby (like always when it comes to food) wants nothing to do with her's. :-) We are definitely eating well this week!

Every year, I'm happy to see the Fireworks Tent come, and I'm happy to see the Fireworks Tent go. My babies definitely were missing me toward the end, and I sure did miss my little family as well. It was nice to eat dinner all together as a family last night!

Which reminds me, I should go figure out what's for dinner tonight...pretty sure it will involve zucchini in some form or another. :)

I hope everyone had a safe and fun-filled Independence Day!


  1. We were blessed to have the Ishum Quads visit us in the tent. Thanks to Sean for all the effort to bring them out!
    We loved having the Quad Mom back working with us this season. The good times and laughter are still hanging in the air.
    Independence Day will never be the same.

  2. Yay! We want to hang out with you guys more too! Miss you!


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