Friday, July 13, 2012

A New Section and A New Look!

I've added a new section to the blog with something that I've been working on for a couple of months.

Awhile ago, I started looking at ways to cut our food costs. I figure, if Sean is going to work as hard as he does to earn money, then I need to work equally hard not to spend it!

So I started a Kansas City Grocery Price Book. When the sale flyers come every week, I update it with the most recent rock bottom sale prices and try to stock up on groceries based on that.

Price books are a TON of work to create and maintain, so I'd love for someone else to get some use out of it as well. I've added a new tab with a link to the price book, additional details, and an explanation of how it works. Please feel free to download, use it, and also check back every week for the updated version.

I have no intention of turning this into a money saving blog, so that's the extent of my contribution on that front. But I do hope that you find some benefit from it as we have!


Ooohh!!! I'm excited! A good friend of mine who professionally designs blogs offered to help me give my blog a face lift! She completely redesigned the layout, color scheme, header, everything!!

Old Blog!
designed by very un-tech savvy, Rebecca

Because of that, the blog might be inaccessible or a little funny looking while she puts all of the new code into place Saturday evening/night. Everything should be good to go...and insanely cute! Sunday morning!

The blog will look completely different, but don't let that throw you off! Nothing is changing except for the way it looks! Whoohoo!!


  1. Thanks, ladies! But all of the credit really goes to my fabulous friend, Sarah of I will be writing a post about her and the awesome work she did in a week or so. Keep an eye out for it!

  2. Looks great! I still can't view the homepage though? I have to back track from older posts to get to the latest one.

  3. ah nevermind all is working perfectly now :)

  4. @Michelle,

    Sarah (the designer) actually caught that before I did! It was my mistake and she already went in and fixed it! :)


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