Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sock Monkey Hair Flair

I've been waiting and waiting for the girls' hair to get long enough for me to start styling it beyond the barrette basics and large flowers on headbands. 

We've finally reached that point! Just barely, but we've made it!

During my weekend shopping trip to Walmart, I picked up some tiny little hair ties. Today, I remembered I had them (my memory isn't real sharp lately), so I got out the comb and set to work.

Then I realized that I styled their hair like their sock monkeys.

Isn't this just the cutest, most hilarious thing?!
Mental note to use this photo in their wedding slide shows! Hehe!

Once the boys saw the camera come out and realized that pictures were being taken, they started clambering to get on the couch and pose as well.

I uploaded this photo to my computer and couldn't believe how big they are! Apparently, it's been awhile since I've taken a photo of the four of them on the couch together. Yikes! As Sean likes to say, "They will be graduating high school any minute now."
Elijah, Abby, Caleb, and Ellie

But not to worry. They are still very much toddlers. For kicks, I kept taking photos as they started wiggling. I thought you might have fun seeing the 15 seconds of photos that I took after the one above. I'm including what I said between each frame. A little taste of 15 seconds of my life:

"Hey guys! Look over here! Smile!"

"Look over here! Boo! Over here guys!"

"Abby, don't fall off the couch! Be careful! Ellie, look at the camera!"

"Abs, if you want to get off the couch, turn around first and slide off. Elijah, sit down!"

"Caleb, sit down! Ellie, good job sitting!"

"Abby, SIT DOWN! Ellie, make sure you are sitting!"

As you can tell, we are currently working very hard on sitting on the couch. At this point, you should be very impressed by the first picture of the four of them looking at the camera. Lol!

So busy, and so big!

And so precious!


  1. LOVE it! And, holy cow, you weren't kidding about them being big! :-O

  2. So cute! They are growing so fast. Beautiful blessings.


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