Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eat Mor Chikin!

Today, we finally got to do something that we've wanted to do all together as a family since...oh, since the kids came home from the hospital.

We took them out. In public. To a RESTAURANT!

I'm feeling pretty awesome right now, so nobody rain on my parade by turning this into a political thing. This is not a political statement, but rather a fun family adventure to one of our favorite places to eat: Chick-fil-A!!

I remember sitting across the table from Sean at a Chick-fil-A after finding out that quads were on the way. I slowly chewed my chicken hoping that somehow parenting quads would make sense, just like it always makes sense to "Eat Mor Chikin" (at least for me and the cows :-) ).

Today, nearly two years later, we loaded the kids up in the van, and drove to the new Chick-fil-A in Lee's Summit for breakfast to introduce them to our favorite chicken sandwiches. Yummy!

It also happened to be an adventure since it was their first time out in the rain. It's been all drought since we came out of lockdown, so they weren't quite sure what to make of the moisture.

Rainy Parking Lot

Ellie: It's early. I'm wet. And I don't know where I am.

Elijah: Can I take some pictures?!

We met up with Pa and Ma (Sean's parents), Uncle Todd, Aunt Ruby, and Cousin Marissa. It was quite the family adventure! While Daddy, Uncle Todd, and Aunt Ruby ordered breakfast, Pa and Ma posed for a quick photo with the grandkids.

Abby, Ellie, Pa, Marissa, Elijah, Ma, and Caleb

Our family happily enjoying our first breakfast out!

Daddy and his girls! (Ellie started to warm up when she discovered that the place mat was a giant sticker.)

May I just say, the Lee's Summit staff are awesome! Not only were they happy to see a family with four toddlers and the ensuing mess, they offered to help us with high chairs, gave each of the kids their very own Chick-fil-A cow, and obliged me when I asked if they would pose for a photo! We really appreciated how enjoyable they made our first breakfast out...and for the special cows to mark the kids' first Chick-fil-A meal!

Lee's Summit, Missouri, Chick-fil-A Staff with The Ishum Quads

And, of course, we had to check out the new play land!

Marissa, Ellie, and Abby playing in the Toddler Area

Caleb (like usual) was a bit reserved and decided to hang with Pa

I tried for a group photo of the kids with their cows. All four kids and all four cows made it into the just have look for all of them!

Abby, Elijah, Ellie, and Caleb

Such a fun outing for our family! I'm so glad that we finally got to do it after waiting for so long! We've had a trip to Chick-fil-A planned a couple of times this summer, but had to cancel due to the kids being sick or whatnot. It ended up working out well this way because we got to spend time with extended family, let the kids burn off some energy during a rainy day, and get to see the new Chick-fil-A that just opened.

Pretty sure that this will stay on our list of family outings since it went so well! Success!! :)


  1. After having dinner there a couple of months ago, I would have to say that they make dining with a toddler extremely easy! Other restaurants should take notes. Seriously - those sticky placemats are GENIUS!!!

    ~Sarah S.

    1. I know, right?? I've always appreciated the way Chick-fil-A staff say, "My pleasure!" When Sean went to go get a broom to sweep up after we were done (we wanted to be polite), the manager came over himself and said it would be his pleasure to take care of it so we wouldn't have to. It's so nice to go out and not feel like an inconvenience to the public! :)

  2. Yay...for success - even in the rain! It only gets easier from here! ;)
    I think that Olive Garden in the background is sounding so yummy too.

    Great job....Have a great weekend!!! Kami

    1. So glad to hear it gets easier because we still had to do a little juggling with the kids. :) But it was so worth it to add this to our list of things we've accomplished with quadruplets! Whoohoo!

  3. I am glad you had a fun first breakfast out with the kids. They sell the sticky placemats at Target and we take them whenever we go out to eat. They are the best. We have also found that if we carry the squeeze fruit smoothies that the babies are so interested in those that we have time to put down the sticky placemats without them wanting to scrunch them (like they did before). Congrats on a fun outing. I wish you many more to come.

    : 0 ) Theresa

    1. Thanks, Theresa! I'm sure the fun outings will keep on coming!

      And good to know there is a place to get those sticky placemats if we end up somewhere that doesn't have them!

  4. I love Chic Fil A! Yummy food, and we have always received such wonderful service there. There is definitely a difference between the service you get at Chic Fil A and the service you get at McDonalds.

    1. Oh my, yes! You can't even compare a Chick-fil-A with a McDonalds! The customer service, food quality, and cleanliness are really on two opposite ends of the spectrum. I've never had a bad experience at a Chick-fil-A!


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