Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Firmoo Eyeglasses + Details on Free Frames!

So far, in the short time that the kids have been crawling/walking, they've already destroyed a pair of Sean's prescription glasses and a pair of my sunglasses. Apparently nothing is safe anymore.

We've discovered that having backups of certain items is a really, really good idea.

So when Firmoo asked me to do a review on their inexpensive eyeglasses, it caught my attention. They offered to send me a free pair of glasses, plus they have a new customer deal that you can get in it just seemed like a smart thing to check into.

But before we get started, here is super cute photo of Ellie modeling my new glasses from Firmoo:

Hehe! I just about die every time I look at that picture. Hilarious! And yes, I did get them back before she broke my new pair. :)

Firmoo offers frames that include classic, elegant, retro, and nerd styles among others. Prescription, tinted, and clear frames are all offered as well. Firmoo sent me a pair of sunglasses and fashion glasses in the classic frames that I chose. 

With the sunglasses, you get to pick your tint. I opted for 60% tint as that is the darkest they offer. They seemed to do a pretty good job blocking the light. They also let you pick the color of the tint. Not an option that you usually get at Walmart!

The second pair was a set of fashion glasses, meaning that they had clear lenses. These are the type of glasses that people use in shows and movies....or just to look smart or cool in public. Don't I look smart? :)

I really loved these frames because they had a pretty red swirl on them. Wish I had a close-up of it, but you'll just have to take my word for it. A little fun, but totally presentable in a professional setting.

Firmoo's frames range from $8.00 to $70.00 with styles for men and women. The website makes it easy to sort by frame style (I like oval lenses) so that you don't have to page through a bunch of options before finding what you like. The site also features measurements for each frame so that you can make sure that what you buy will fit your face. On top of that, there is a pretty nifty Virtual Try-On option available. Before I picked out my frames, I uploaded a photo of myself and "tried" them on.

Shipping is pretty reasonable at $6.95 for 6-10 day shipping, with faster options available.

Each pair of glasses comes with a hard case, soft case, cleaning cloth, mini screwdriver, and replacement screws and nose pads. At my house, my glasses sit in the hard case if they aren't in use...for obvious reasons. :)
I also had the opportunity to see what kind of customer service the company provides and was very pleasantly surprised! It seems that when I placed my order, I didn't fully fill out the form and there was some confusion on their end. I ended up being sent the fashion glasses instead of the sunglasses that I requested. When I contacted them, they fixed it quickly even though it was my fault for not filling out the form correctly. They sent me the second pair of glasses because they wanted to make it right on their end. I really appreciated how well they took care of me!

The only downside to this company that I can find is that sometimes the website is a little hard to understand. It was written by someone who is not a native English speaker, so sometimes the wording is a little off. The only reason that I feel the need to mention it, is because the company is a legitimate company, you just have to understand that there are a few language hiccups with the website. I can definitely overlook that though to get an inexpensive pair of backup glasses to wear around the kids!

Any guesses what this book is? It's a classic!

Firmoo also offers a deal for all new customers!

I know that a lot of the folks who read our blog have little people of their own running around. Maybe you need a backup pair of glasses as well?

As a new customer, your first frames are completely free! All you do is pay for shipping! And if you don't like the quality of the glasses, you can get a refund on the shipping if you contact them within 30 days. That's pretty risk free! Click HERE for more details.

And, if you are another blogger (like me!), you can contact them HERE to apply for free glasses and free shipping!

There is a small upgrade charge to put in prescription lenses, but free frames is a great price! Especially when you have this going on at home:

Thank you to Firmoo, for providing the products for this review! No other compensation was accepted and the opinions and experience expressed in this post are my own personal views.


  1. We DON'T have little people and have sat on, lost, stepped on, scratched... you get the picture - thanks for the review!! :)

    1. No prob! I hope you are able to get in on the free glasses deal! Sounds like you are a good candidate for a backup pair. ;-)

  2. Last fall when my glasses broke I tried (I think I spelled that right) and got 2 pairs free, with only shipping. Shipping was $5 each, so 2 pairs of prescription glasses for $10. One pair really doesn't fit and has an obnoxiously large band over the nose that obstructs my vision, but one pair is perfect. I have been wearing them ever since. I also want to try Coastal, they have similar offers. I bet all these companies are actually one company! The only downside is that it took over 2 weeks to arrive, but they did come all the way from Malaysia...

    1. It's good to know there are other resources out there! Thanks!I've heard of Coastal before, but haven't tried them yet. For us, it's worth waiting a week or two for a cheap pair of backup glasses!

  3. Great review. Do you think Firmoo eyeglasses frame is available in the Philippines?


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