Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What to Be for Halloween?

Today, I ran out to Jo-Ann's Fabrics to grab a few things for the kids' Halloween costumes:

Quite the stack of material. You know the really scary part? I can't sew at all. The outfits are going to be some combination of tying, stitch witchery, hot glue, and if absolutely necessary, I'll thread up a needle and pretend I'm a seamstress.

I'm actually so far behind this year. Last year, I had all of my Halloween costume materials by the middle of September. This year, I'm cutting it pretty close. Here's hoping everything turns out okay, because there really isn't time to change directions if it's a total bomb.

Now that you've seen the fabric color choices, have you figured out what we are dressing up as yet? Sean helped assign characters to the kids, if that's any help. :)


  1. The seven dwarves? Oh, but wait ... you only need 3 more for thata! LOL!
    Lee Ann

  2. Characters from Sesame Street (I see a potential Big Bird, Grover, and Elmo in there)...or, um, Fraggle Rock?


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