Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!!

Happy Halloween!

I'm super excited to share our costumes for this year! If you follow the A Beautiful Ruckus FaceBook Page, then you've already seen a sneak peek. I just couldn't wait to put up the photo!

Yep, it's true. I was the most excited person in the family! Hehe! :)

We Dressed Up as Superheros!!
Abby was Supergirl, Elijah was The Hulk, Caleb was Captain America, and Ellie was Robin, The Girl Wonder

I was really pleased with how well the costumes turned out! It took W-A-Y longer than I anticipated to put them together though. I ended up hand-sewing quite a bit on the costumes. Pretty much I either need to learn how to use a sewing machine, or pick something much less complicated next year...I'm thinking maybe I'll cut eye holes in four paper bags and call it good!

But it was worth it because the kids were adorable!

Captain America
Caleb was quite possibly the cutest Captain America I saw all evening (Biased? Absolutely!) I made him a really awesome Captain America hat with wings to go with his outfit, but he wasn't interested in wearing it. His costume took the longest to make because of all of the panels that had to be sewn on to his shirt and pants. I could have stitch witchery-ied them but I wanted him to be able to wear the clothes normally afterward. Of course, now that I spent all of that time sewing the pieces on, I don't want to take them off! I might see how long it lasts with my rudimentary sewing skills...


Sheesh, Abby had a rough day! I think we have reached that point where she wants her way, and she will let us know when we aren't meeting her expectations. (Some behavior modification is in order because Mama can't handle the wailing long term.) So the tears are not her opinion of her costume! I've added a second photo of her that I took earlier in the week when she tried on her costume so that you can see a happy picture of her. She did calm down once we started Trunk or Treating and definitely slept well that night! 

Click for directions on how to make a Homemade Tutu Skirt!

The Hulk
Although Elijah's personality is nothing like The Hulk's personality, he tends to run into things about as much. LOL! He's an absolute riot at home, and that has earned him the nickname Crash Doodle (because he crashes into things and is so goofy about it). The Hulk was the perfect choice for him! And boy was he proud of his costume! While I didn't get any great photos of the girls, I have bunches of great photos of Elijah! He wanted to be front and center in every single one! (And that weird black stuff on his head is "Hulk hair.")

Robin, The Girl Wonder
Sean is our resident comic book authority, so I asked him to pick out the characters for each kid. He chose Robin for Ellie. I was a little confused why she was going to be a boy, but it turns out that every male superhero also has a female counterpart! Huh! You learn something new everyday! So Ellie was Robin, The Girl Wonder who is a "real" superhero, not just one we made up. She also loved her costume, but this was the best photo I caught of her. She was way too busy playing and showing it off to hold still for any amount of time.

Our first stop of the evening was Uncle Todd and Aunt Ruby's house to show Sean's side of the family the costumes. We tried desperately to get them to pose for a photo with their grandparents but they just didn't turn out. It looks like we are torturing them in every single one, so I'll spare you those. We did manage to get this one that includes Cousin Marissa in her unicorn costume though.

Our next stop was church. They had Trunk-or-Treating in the parking lot, and my parents had choir practice inside, so we took the kids in for a quick minute to show off their costumes. Surprisingly, this photo turned out pretty well...and no one is crying!

The Trunk-or-Treating was a lot busier than I thought it would be. That's awesome because it is used as a community outreach project! Except...I kind of forgot that we had quadruplets. Laugh if you will, but it's just so normal to me that sometimes I don't think our public adventures all the way through. Let's just say, if I was worried that not enough people would see the kids' costumes, that is no longer a fear! Lots and lots of people saw them. :) We didn't stay too long because of the people and the fact that it was starting to get chilly, but sweet friends from church did have some fun toddler friendly items like fruit snacks that they were holding back for the little guys. So very thoughtful of them to do that!

We ended the night by hitting Sonic to take advantage of their $0.50 corndogs. It isn't every day that you can spend $4.00 and buy enough corndogs to feed a family of six! I think Sonic has that promotion every Halloween, and I'd love to start that tradition with our kids. It seems like it would be a fun (and cheap) family memory to create each year!

Fun times!!

Seriously though, I have to come up with something far less time consuming next year... :-)

What did your little ones dress up as this year? Head over to the A Beautiful Ruckus FaceBook Page and leave a picture! I'd love to see your family!!


  1. Sean's Grandma and Aunt Denise are super sewers they should be able to teach you those sewing skills you need to get started, but from the looks of your costumes you are well on your way. We used a clear plastic garbage bag stuffed with colored balloons one year for a bag of jelly beans, super easy and cheap. Maybe you can steer Sean towards Casper the friendly ghost next year, sheets and holes done.

    Looks like you will always have lots of fun no matter with so many personalities to play with.

  2. The costumes were well worth your hard work! You did an amazing job. Your children looked fabulous in their hand sewn super hero outfits. And with the photos...these memories will last a lifetime. I imagine some day they will proudly tell their friends that their Mom made their costumes from scratch. Well done, Mama!

    1. Thank you for the kind compliment! I hope they look back and like them...not think they are silly!

  3. Oh they look SO cute! How adorable! Well done on the costumes :)

  4. Oh how adorable!!! These costumes are so cute!

    I am loving the superhero theme!

    1. We definitely had fun with this theme! I wonder what we will come up with next year! :)

  5. Really so cute kids and their dresses are nice on them.


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