Sunday, February 24, 2013

15 Things I'm Going to Miss About Age One

Two years old? Really?!

At one point, I wasn't sure how we were going to make it through tomorrow, and now *BAM* they are two!

So for fun (using a reader's suggestion!), I thought I would make a list of:

15 Things I'm Going to Miss About Age One!

1. Elijah loves having us count, "One, Two, Three..." and then he throws his hands up and yells, "Ta-Da!" Adorable! It's a phase, so I know it will soon be gone.

2. Abby's cute one foot, stomp dancing. And her sweet singing. When she knows the words, she starts singing really loudly to let everyone know that she knows how the song goes. :) Someday, she is going to be really self-conscious. I hope that doesn't happen soon.

3. The completely non-picky eater that Caleb is. Can I hope that he will always be this easy to please?

4. When we pray, Ellie closes her eyes and bows her head...for all of 2 seconds. But she does it with such gusto and is so proud of herself for participating!

5. The snuggling. Oh my...I will so miss the snuggling. I don't want them to get too big for my lap!

6. 8pm bedtimes. Enough said.

7. Ellie's giggle. There is nothing in the world that compares to it. I need a "Giggle Bottle" so that I can always keep some of it around.

8. The way Caleb needs us. Daddy and Mommy are clearly his heroes and protectors. It's such a good feeling to be needed!

9. Abby's adventurous spirit. She isn't scared of anything. I hope she never loses that excitement and willingness to explore.

10. Elijah's babbling comedy routines. I can hear him upstairs telling jokes during nap time, and then hear all three of his siblings respond by laughing. Clearly, there is a quad language that I don't know!

11. This silly little game where they chase each other around the couch screaming. It's loud and disruptive, but so much fun to see them interacting and playing together!

12. Afternoon nap time. Tell me that they won't outgrow this? *sniff!*

13. That the biggest crises in their lives are when one of their siblings takes a toy away. If only I could protect them from the real sadness and frustration that I know life will bring.

14. The wonder that accompanies every new experience that they encounter. It gives me a whole new perspective on things.

15. Family play time. Someday they will grow up and be busy with their own lives. Nothing beats sitting and playing together as a family in the living room.

Don't grow up too fast, kids! Mommy and Daddy need you to stay little awhile longer!


  1. One really is a fun age :) The years go by so quickly! We are now in the terrible twos with our twins, who refuse to nap half the time and throw fits about not getting their way. Luckily they still like cuddles and talk in adorable gibberish and have so much fun playing together.

    1. Yeah...I think two is going to be more difficult than one. As long as I keep getting my daily dose of cuddles though, I think I can make it!

  2. Happy HAPPY birthday!!!! My grand quads will soon be ONE year old! Amazing how swiftly the time flies by! LOVE following you guys!

    1. Thanks, Linda! And happy almost birthday to your grandbabies!

  3. May they not grow out of nap time for many years to come . . .

  4. Thanks for making me bawl! lol
    Happy birthday kids!!!

  5. oh my goodness! i can't believe you have quadruplets!! i have one baby boy and it's a lot of work already! kudos to you!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. If you find a giggle bottle, let me know. We need one too.

  7. Happy birthday!! My oldest is 3 years, 1 month and takes a 3 hour nap and bed at 8 so there's hope!!

    1. Yay! There is hope! I love that! Thank you SO much for sharing!


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