Sunday, February 3, 2013

Behind the Blog: Why You See, What You See

I wanted to take a quick minute to explain some different things that you are seeing on the blog these days. I've had a few questions, so thought that this would be the easiest way to clear some things up.
First of all, this is still a blog about our adventures raising quadruplets. That's where we started and that will always be the main part of what I write about. I mean, seriously, how could I not write about it? They will be two in only two weeks, and I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the quantity of children we have most days. It's only bound to get better as they start talking. Lol!

At the same time, I've decided to try to help out a bit around the house. No more bon-bons for me (and yes, some people do think that I sit around and eat those all day. Clearly they've never visited us!).

In all seriousness though, you have already started to see some giveaways pop up, ads on the side bar, and maybe the occasional sponsored post. Why am I doing that? Well, two reasons. The first one is that I'm often offered some sort of compensation, either monetarily or in the form of product (I picked up a birthday gift for the kids this way!). It helps us keep up with the massive cost of diapers and everything else that goes with raising a big family. It's not like I'm paying the mortgage, but a little bit does help us out. The second reason is that the stuff I write about is stuff that I honestly feel you might find interesting because *I* find it interesting. I have turned down requests from companies because it just didn't fit my blog. I didn't want to write about it, and I figured you didn't want to read about it.

So what can you do to help us out?
1. Please don't automatically discount the giveaways and sponsored posts. They actually might cover exactly what you are looking for...not to mention that you might win something free!
2. Understand that by interacting with links and ads (or clicking through my Amazon banner before you purchase something through their website), you are literally helping diaper our kids. I hope that what I write about is entertaining to you, and I hope you are willing to become part of the A Beautiful Ruckus community in return.
3. Leave comments with what you love and what you want to see more of! Reading comments is extremely reaffirming that I'm on the right path...or wrong path! I highly value your opinion, because I really like you!

I do want to be clear about my goals though:
1. I want to continue writing about our kids and adventures
2. I want to continue writing about tips and tricks we've learned over the last few years to hopefully benefit other parents of multiples (or parents of large families!)
3. I want to continue writing about how having higher order multiples is impacting motherhood and marriage
4. Authenticity and transparency are of utmost concern to me at all times. If you don't feel like you "know" me and can trust me...well then, I've totally fallen off the wagon. If there is a giveaway or sponsored post, it's going to be really obvious.
5. I won't write about something that I can't get behind personally. That's not the way I roll, and I refuse to be a sellout. I don't care how many "diapers" I'm offered in exchange.
6. I want to keep writing because I LOVE it! It's relaxing and rewarding and I love hearing from all of you!

The blog content is remaining unchanged, but it will be punctuated with a few special posts here and there.

So I hope that clears up some of what you've been seeing here. I have had a few people ask me about the number of giveaways, and I realized that maybe I should clarify what's going on over here. Don't worry! They won't take over the blog! But I do like to offer them because they are just plain fun!

Each and every one of you mean the world to me. It's your sweet, encouraging comments that keep me going on long days when the kids are being ornery. It's what makes me feel like maybe my writing hobby is a worthwhile endeavor, not just for my sanity, but also for your enjoyment. Thank you for always allowing me to be just plain me and cheering from the sidelines the whole time!


  1. I love seeing the possibilities of a blog. I hope someday ours can meet some of the same goals to tell about our adventures and maybe even help buy some diapers too! I also love writing and telling our stories, it's fun!

    1. For us quad moms, diapers = gold! :) But even if no diapers were involved, I'd still write because I love it!

  2. I would never have found you if it was not for one of your giveaways. And I love reading your blog because I have 3 year old twins and really enjoy seeing someone who must have a far more hectic time that I have.

    1. Hey, any number of kids make for a hectic household! :)

      I'm so glad you found our blog! Thanks for being a reader! :)

  3. I love your giveaways! Keep them coming! Also, I don't have any problem with a little advertising on your site. I'm glad you explained about clicking through to Amazon from your site; I'll happily do that when I need to buy something on Amazon. :)

    I do have a question. When I leave a comment, below the comment box, it says, "Comment as"...what am I supposed to choose from that menu? I don't really want to create a link to anything (I don't think!) but I don't need to be anonymous either. I'm always confused by that. This time, I'm going to try Name/URL and leave the URL blank. I've been doing "Anonymous" and then putting my name on it.

    1. Thank you, Rustie! I would be so grateful if you would click through the Amazon banner before putting something in your cart and checking out! You are the best!

      You left a comment perfectly this time! Your name shows up with no link so you aren't anonymous. If you have more questions about each of the options, you might find this post helpful: It goes through each option and how to use them when leaving a comment.

  4. Hello Rebecca,
    I recently stumbled upon your blog, and read all the way up to the present. Though I don't have kids myself, I love to hear your family's adventures. Thanks for such an insightful and honest view into your life. Your kids are adorable! :) I am very inspired by your faith. Prayers to the busy quad parents and the continued health and happiness of all your little ones. :)
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you, Marie! I'm so glad that you left a comment. It's always a pleasure to meet new readers!

  5. I think it's great that the blog enables you to do something you love and make a little money. Blessings!


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