Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Don't Ask Her to Say...

Happily, we are starting to learn a few words! Ellie is the most advanced right now. Everyday she seems to pick up a new word, and it's so exciting to see her starting to communicate. One thing we have noticed though, is that her pronunciation isn't always 100% accurate.

Take the word "Frog" for instance. She...well....I'll just let you watch this video....
She actually cleaned up her language a bit for the video. It's hilarious (in an awkward sort of way) to hear my 2-year-old happily practicing her words in the living room when all I'm hearing is a four letter word repeated over and over.

All that to say, our apologies if she says something rude while out in public. It's completely unintentional!


  1. LOL cute :D My oldest loved graham crackers when he was 2, but instead of graham he pronounced it d***. So he would often come up and say, "I want some d*** crackers!" It was hilarious, though we did eventually get him to pronounce it right.

    1. Haha! Did you record it? It's too cute at this age, isn't it?


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