Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{Summer Bucket List 2013} Back to Church

 We finally made it back to church!

While we have "officially" been off of lockdown since the end of April, we haven't really gone anywhere. As soon as we started venturing out, we all got sick and ended up staying home anyway. It's just the preemie game we have to play until we build an immune system.

But, everyone was well on Sunday, so we headed to church for the first time since November!
Ready to Go to Church!

Ellie was Very Excited!

Riding Into Church

We were happy to make it on the Sunday that our friends, John and Amber, were commissioned for the mission field. They are heading to Papua New Guinea in less than two weeks!

And my friend, Keri, was also there. I snagged a copy of her new book, The Bank Heist, since she had extras with her. I'm hoping to read it at some point this month.

When church and Sunday school was over, I walked around the corner to pick up the kids from the nursery, and this is what I found waiting for me. Aw! I love my little people! And I love the nursery workers who let Sean and I enjoy our first day back at church!
Here's hoping we spend more Sundays at church than at home sick this summer!

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