Sunday, September 29, 2013

Letters from Dad: #8

Note: When I originally asked Sean to write a monthly post for our blog, I told him that he could write about whatever he wanted. This is what he came up with this month. Although it really doesn't have anything to do with parenting or multiples, I'm publishing it anyway. The original idea was for Sean to write posts to his kids so that they had something preserved for them. Well, kids...this is your Daddy. :)

Sometimes my “geek” shows.

I have always read comic books and been influenced by them.When I was a wee lad, I wanted to be a scientist because all of the great superheroes were scientists.  My sixth grade science teacher laughed at that dream, so I decided to choose a different career path instead.

I still read comics, and I still think of things that would be cool to invent. Maybe one of my kids will one day become a scientist or an inventor, so I’m putting in my order.

Here is a list of some of the things that I would like to see:
  • Teleportation: How awesome would this be? Think of all the time it would save. Hey, want to travel to Greece? Bam, no jet lag. You are there in an instant. No more rush hour commute to work. You can sleep in later and still get there on time. This would have to work on a type of hub or maybe not. It couldn't just be blanket teleportation or people might start robbing banks.  However, think what this could do to eliminate global hunger and to expand medicine!
  • Infinite Space/Phantom Zones/Pocket Dimensions: I’m not sure what the best name is for this because it’s just an idea that I’m throwing out. Imagine if you had the ability to open up a pocket in space that you could use as storage. People would have clean garages and there would be more space around the world as the population continues to grow. We could also have a pocket dimension just for the world’s garbage. No more dumps!
  • Instant Cleaning: In the Star Wars books that I read, instead of taking showers, they take sani-steams.  This is probably just a fancy way of saying shower, but I like to imagine it is some kind of sonic chamber that they step into, and it cleans them within a minute.  I would like there to be some way to instantly clean things especially the mouth.  It would be great if whenever we were done eating little microbots would clean and floss our teeth.  Bam.  No more bad breath.
  • Miracle Cures or Instant Healing: Anyone remember the Bacta tank from the Empire Strikes Back?  This is the tank that Luke was put into to heal from the Wampa attack.  (Did I mention sometimes my geek shows?)  How cool would it be if there was a miracle liquid that could cure things like burns and cuts or other topical diseases?
  • Digitized Information: The older I get, the slower I think. I’m sure that has to do with the amount of information that I’ve absorbed so far during my lifetime, or maybe it has to do with having more responsibilities. Either way, it would be nice if there was a way that things could be digitized and stored in the brain for instant recall when needed.
  • Flying cars: Like in the movie Back to the Future II. How come we don’t have these yet?

Here’s hoping that one of my kids will be scientific geniuses and make some of these things. Hey, a dad can hope, right?

What kind of things would you like to see in the future? How soon do you think some of these will be in our life?

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  1. I think your kids are going to read this post and think you are one cool dad with a lot of great ideas! Loved it!

  2. All these would be very good, great ideas! I especially like the teleportation one though. The only reason I don't like to travel is the transportation part--the long drives or the stress of an airport. If I could just pop in and out to places, I'd definitely do a lot more traveling!

    1. imagine living in one part of the world and working in another and then going to another part of the world for dinner!

  3. Hey Sean, you're missing the hover board from Back to the Future series! lol
    Cool list!

  4. That is so cool! When I saw "instant cleaning" I immediately thought of the whole house and thought, "Get those kids on that one!" I kind of like a long hot shower or bath though :) This such a guy's perspective, isn't it? And I'm a Star Wars buff, so I remember the bacta tank :)

    1. maybe droids to clean the house like in the Star Wars movies?

  5. Teleportation would be cool. I can see that having some real uses. I'd really like to get on that pocket dimension idea. I need more storage!

    1. I was trying to think of applications that everyone can get into.

  6. Clearly the highlight of this blog! Everyone looks forward to the "Letters from Dad".


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