Sunday, September 15, 2013

{Recipe} Mini Chicken Pot Pies with Pillsbury Biscuits

Yesterday, I looked out the window and said, "Is it getting darker earlier?"

I guess I just got caught off guard with how quickly the year is passing. But I guess that makes sense since my days pass by so fast that it leaves my head spinning. While I don't have kids in school yet, I can't imagine how all of you balance everything with running a house, working, and fitting in after school activities and homework.

When do you find time to cook dinner?!

Hopefully, I can help with at least part of that question. Pillsbury asked me to try one of their quick dinner solutions for school nights, and after one bite, it's officially on our permanent dinner rotation! Mini Chicken Pot Pies...Yummy!
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There are only four ingredients in the original recipe. That's it. And it's on the table in 30 minutes or less. Did I mention that it's also delicious, makes for excellent leftovers, and probably freezes well too? (Although I wouldn't know that for certain since we didn't have any extra to freeze!)

With a family my size, I like to make extra big batches of meals so that we have enough for dinner and leftovers, so I triple it plus tweak it a little to my family's tastes. Even better, each pot pie only has about 270 calories each, so leftovers make a perfect quick lunch as I'm racing around after my kids. And I'm sure once the kids do start school, this will make a wonderful meal to tuck into four little lunch boxes.

Mini Chicken Pot Pies with my own little twist!
for the original four ingredient recipe, head over to Pillsbury!
Makes 24 Mini Pot Pies

  • 3 cans of Grands! Flaky Layer Biscuits
  • 3 cup of Chopped Chicken
  • 6 cups of Frozen Mixed Veggies, Thawed
  • 3 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup
  • Salt and pepper to Taste
  • Garlic Powder

Assemble your main ingredients.

Dump the chopped chicken, thawed mixed veggies, and cream of chicken soup in a large bowl.

Mix them all up and add salt and pepper to taste.

Pop open your cans of Pillsbury Grands! Flaky Layer Biscuits. Pat or roll each biscuit out into a circle.

I tried both methods and found the easiest way to flatten them is to take two sheets of wax paper, spritz each piece with non-stick spray, and roll out the biscuits between the sheets. It's the quickest way to get a uniform thickness.

Place a rolled out biscuit in a muffin tin that has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Add 1/3 cup of chicken/veggie mixture to the biscuit and tap down the filling into the cup.

Pleat the edges of the biscuit up around the filling. Sprinkle garlic powder on top of each pie.

Bake in a 375 degree oven for 20 minutes, or until the biscuits are browned. Serve with a side of homework, and finish dinner and book work in record time!
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Chicken Pot Pies have always been comfort food to me, and I'm looking forward to getting this on the table often throughout the upcoming winter months. With time so limited, I look for anything that I can do to speed up everyday tasks. The longer it takes to cook dinner, the less time that I get to spend with my kids. Pillsbury biscuits are easy to find and use, and I'm grateful to have that option. I'd much rather hang out with my family then stand in my kitchen by myself. As a side note, you all know that I check the grocery sale ads every single week, and these biscuits are often on sale!

There is something so homey about these Chicken Pot Pies, and it's even more fun in it's mini size! And now I can't stop thinking about all of the other things that I can do with the biscuits. Quick hot pocket sandwiches, pizza cups, or maybe even apple pie?! Good heavens, so many ideas rolling around in my head. Pillsbury also has a booklet available with more ideas! Take a look at that, and let me know what your family might enjoy for a quick dinner on a school night!

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  1. Yum! Definitely need to try this one! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Will definitely be trying these out for my family as well. I looked through the Pillsbury booklet that you mentioned and there are some other easy recipes I want to try. With sports practices, music lessons, and homework for four kiddos myself, I am always looking for new easy dinner options.

  3. I have made these and they are super easy and yummy! One even shorter cut I took? I skipped the "pie" part. I made the filling on the stove top, got it hot and bubbly, baked the biscuits in the oven, split them and put the topping over it. Family LOVED the "deconstructed pot pie". Easy peasy I love pillsbury.

  4. I love any recipe with five or less ingredients, and these are adorable! They'd work for a potluck too, little mini pot pies. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those look delicious! I'll have to try them. With a little tweaking, DH will eat them too! :)

  6. Made them! Husband-approved meal. I love easy meals that get "the nod!" Thanks for sharing!


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