Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall 2013 Consignment Sale Finds - I saved 83%!

It's no secret how much I love consignment sales. I have no idea how families afford to clothe and do Christmas/birthday gifts without them. Pay retail for everything? No way!

As much as I enjoy being able to get inexpensive clothes for the kids, it's the Christmas and birthday shopping that I love the most! At our multiples sale a few weeks ago, I did some Christmas shopping for our kids, and helped my sister-in-law by picked up a few things for her daughter as well.

Want to see what I found??

Fisher Price Little People Amusement Park
Retail: $70.00
What I paid: $8.00

Fisher Price Little People Beach House
Retail: I can't find it online, but let's call it $10.00.
I'm sure that it was more originally, but it didn't come with any people.
What I Paid: $2.00 

Fisher Price Little People Noah's Ark
Retail: $30.00
What I Paid: $8.00

Fisher Price Little People Happy Sounds Home
Retail: $45.00
What I Paid: $15.00

Fisher Price Little People A to Z Learning Zoo Playset
Retail: $90.00
What I Paid: $8.00

Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Zoo
Retail: $40.00
What I Paid: $6.00 and it came in the box!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Game
Retail: $30.00-ish (this item has been discontinued)
What I Paid: $15.00 plus what I bought came with extra figures!

Leap Frog DVDs
Retail: $15.00 each
What I Paid: $2.00 each

Little Tykes Picnic Table
Retail: $60.00-ish (this exact model is discontinued)
What I Paid: $5.00

That's $435 worth of toys for only $75!! In other words, I paid 17% of the retail price. Beat that!

I've converted a few family members to consignment sale shopping and hopefully have inspired a few of you to try it as well.

Leave a comment and let me know if you found anything awesome at consignment sales this year!

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  1. I love them!! I rarely pay full price for the kids clothes. We hit up the goodwill every few months for old navy jeans bc there the only brand that fits my daughter well

  2. We use our Little Tikes table for painting and crafts projects. It is outside so I can hose it down plus I know that they will grow out of it eventually unlike our dining room table. I think that you did very well and got better than thrift store prices.

  3. Great deals! We had our twins club super sale a few weeks ago and I got 4 pairs of shoes and a pack of cute baby girl shoe-socks for $10. Wish I'd remembered to bring my checkbook or more cash with me, since I only had $10 on me lol.

  4. son of a gun. I knew i'd be jealous when I read this. :) That barn IN THE BOX, eeeek! And Letter Factory is like the greatest educational dvd of all time. We had it when my 4th grader was younger and somehow lost it. I need a new copy for the 3 yr old.

    Guess I better start hitting our local consignment sales. :)

  5. Great finds!! I need to find a consignment sale in my neck of the woods! :)

  6. Awesome finds!!! I'm so jealous of that table! Do you have first pick on Thursdays? :)

  7. Hey I saved 83% this fall, too! Actually I didn't calculate my full savings, but this was my percentage on winter coats at least. ha!

  8. Great deals! You got some really good stuff. We got our Noah's Ark at the twins' club sale a few years back too. I love getting good deals!

  9. I LOVE sales like that! Yard sales too and consignment stores. It's amazing what you can save and then I hate buying new :)

  10. I'm pretty sure most, if not all, of the Christmas presents I have collected for my soon and nieces have come from consignment sales :)
    Congrats on your awesome finds!

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