Friday, October 25, 2013

Mummy Marshmallow Pops

I have one more fun Halloween themed post before we finish up for the year. If you are getting ready for a Trunk or Treat or a Halloween party, these are easy and unique! You'll definitely give the other parents' who bring candy a run for their money. :)

For this simple, but cute craft, all you will need are:
  • Sucker/Candy sticks
  • Candy Melts (Orange and White)
  • Candy Eyes
  • A little bit of Vegetable Shortening
I should start by saying that I hate making cake pops. I've made them a few times, and have lamented that decision each time. They are tricky and temperamental, and take f-o-r-e-v-e-r. These are much easier and come together far more easily! Just use marshmallows in place of cake. The dipping part is exactly the same as cake pops, so if you are familiar with those, this will be even easier. If not, read on for the directions!

Pour some orange candy melts and add a good dollop of vegetable shortening into a deep bowl or measuring cup. I typically use about two cups of candy melts to 1-2 tablespoons of shortening.

Microwave the candy melts and shortening in thirty second increments, alternating with stirring. Only microwave the candy until it melts because it is possible to overheat it. If you need to add a little more shortening to make it dippable, go for it. The ratio isn't absolute.

Once it's all melted, dip the tip of your stick in the candy.

Then insert it into a marshmallow. The candy will help the marshmallow stay on the stick.

Then dip the whole marshmallow into the melted candy. Make sure the candy coats the entire marshmallow so that it stays fresh. A knife is handy if you need to help coating everything.

Then you will end up with a bunch of candy covered marshmallows that look like this! Tip: I have a block of styrofoam that I use for these projects. It keeps the pops upright and is very cheap to pick up at a craft store.

Yay! Now to quickly finish these off, take a handful of white candy melts and another small dollop of shortening and put them in a piping bag or freezer bag. Melt the candy in the microwave, squeezing the candy every thirty seconds until the candy is melted and mixed with the shortening. Snip a very tiny corner off of the bag.

Squeeze the white candy melts around the orange candy covered marshmallows to look like mummy bandages. Then add two eyes to the still warm white candy. They will stick right on!

Once they dry, you can store them in a container or ziplock bag until you are ready to serve them. To make a fun centerpiece, layer great northern beans and black beans in a clear jar or vase, and then add the pops to it. The beans hold them up without any trouble.

If handing them out, put them in little individual candy bags to make it easier for guests to take home. Please note that you should never accept homemade treats from someone you do not know, and should never give homemade treats to families that don't know you. These are best for parties, potlucks, and other gatherings where homemade food is normal. :)

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


  1. What a fun recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are really cute, Rebecca! I'm wondering where you find the candy eyes. That's not something I've ever looked for.

    1. Saw some at target in the Halloween section.

    2. I've seen candy eyes in the Wilton cake decorating section at Walmart.

  3. What a cute idea!

  4. So stinkin cute! And i bet the kids loved them.


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