Friday, November 22, 2013

The Scents of the Season with Suave Naturals #SuaveScents

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As we head into the winter months, I really start to enjoy the seasonal scents. Rich cinnamon and nutmeg, yeasty homemade bread, crackling fires, real Christmas trees. *happy sigh* I love getting to curl up in my living room under a blanket, and watch a movie with Sean while those scents play in the background. Warm, safe, comfortable, and cozy.

Suave Naturals has some wonderful scents that add to the holiday spirit. With out-of-town guests, Christmas parties, and get-togethers with old friends coming up, chances are you will want to provide them with something a little extra special during this season. A bottle of lightly scented lotion goes a long way in making a guest feel comfortable in your home during the months when dry skin seems to be plague everyone.
Image 3
I've mentioned before that I shop at Walmart for the convenience and prices. A one stop store that has everything from food, to household items, to hygiene products saves me a ton of time. Next time you are there picking up other items, stop by the lotion aisle and see what scents Suave Naturals has available. There is always a coordinating scent in the body wash aisle!

As for us, my husband stopped for a new bottle of Suave lotion three days ago. He picked up a baby powder scent for the family. (Side note: I just ran upstairs to check which scent he bought and realized that we have three family-sized bottles of Suave lotion floating around our house, all in different scents!)

And if you need a little extra inspiration if a good friend is coming to stay with you over the holiday season, you might enjoy this idea for a quick and easy welcoming basket:

Image 3
What are your favorite scents of the season? Do you have a favorite Suave Naturals scent or are you one who likes to try them all?

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  1. Ocean Breeze is the body wash sent we have in our guest bathroom and our friends have enjoyed it. I love Suave because the prices are so reasonable.


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