Friday, November 15, 2013

The Thankfulness Project: The Nine Months I Had with You

The Thankfulness Project is a community sourced project for the month of November focusing on the things we are thankful for in life. I write a weekly post called The Little Things Thursdaysabout things I'm thankful for, but The Thankfulness Project is all about your stories! Want to participate? Just send me a short post with 200 words or less and a photo or two. Try to focus on just one or two specific things rather than trying to cover everything that comes to mind. Then, send your submission to theishumquads "at" By sending me your story, you are giving me permission to post it on the blog and in social media. I can't wait to hear from you: readers, bloggers, even those who wish to remain anonymous!

The Thankfulness Project is written by guest posters. The stories and opinions expressed in these posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of A Beautiful Ruckus.
Today's post is from Alyvia at Claudette Elyse:

Baby Claudette Elyse on her Birthday

(A Note from A Beautiful Ruckus: Claudette passed away unexpectedly six days before she was due to be born.)

I am thankful because you have refined what loves means.
I am thankful for the pain I have endured because without it I would still be dim to the suffering of others.
I am thankful the lessons learned. The mistakes encountered and the trials overcome.
But most of all I am just thankful for you! Because your LIFE was and ALWAYS will be a good thing in this world! 

For the rest of Alyvia's beautiful thoughts about her daughter, you can click here.


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