Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Little Things Thursdays: #51

Welcome to The Little Things Thursday!!

If you are new to our link-up, we like to take a minute to look back on the little things that brightened our week. So often we get busy and forget all of the things that we enjoy as we go through our daily lives. This is an opportunity to stop, remember, and enjoy those things! Nothing is too fact, the smaller the better! That's the whole point! If you have a blog, link-up below. If you don't blog, I'd love for you to participate by leaving a comment. Ready?

1. Diaper Delivery Day
One of the upsides of spending between $150-$200 per month on diapers and wipes is that sometimes we get BIG boxes to play with! Our friend Emily was over playing with us today, so we taped together two big boxes and decorated our new tunnel (and the coat closet door in the living room *sigh*) with crayons. Unfortunately, the kids don't understand that you can't sit on cardboard tunnels and still expect them to stand up. It was a short lived project, but it did entertain them for a few minutes!

2. "Where are your PJs, Ellie?"
You can see her answering my question by pointing out her PJs in the middle of her bedroom floor. This is her new thing: taking off her PJs and running around in just her diaper. Of course, she would wait until the cold weather was here to stay to start this new habit. Hey, at least she is leaving her diaper on.

3. Daddy and Mommy
I take SO many photos, but I'm normally behind the camera instead of in front of it. It's even more rare for Sean and I to get a photo together! My mom snapped this one for us on Thanksgiving. :) You can see our Thanksgiving Family Photo at the end of our post from earlier this week.

4. Cheesecake!
I have a tendency to always try new recipes out at Bible studies and holiday dinners. If I were smart, I'd try these recipes out before offering them to a bunch of people. I keep meaning to do that, but I only have so much time to bake, so I doubt my method will change anytime soon. Happily, this Turtle Cheesecake turned out pretty good! I put a couple of different recipes together and changed a few things, so by the time I actually showed up at my parents' house with it, I was hoping it was going to taste okay. Success!

5. Last of the Warm Weather
The temperature took a nosedive today, and we are expecting snow in our area tomorrow. It seems the cold weather is officially here. Since it was in the upper 50's yesterday, we made the most of it by heading outside to enjoy the backyard just a little bit more. The kids loved it as always, and I decided to take a short video of them swinging while we were out there. If you've ever wondered how we keep four kids swinging at the same you go!

Now it's your turn! What Little Things brightened up your week? Link up your post below (or leave a comment if you aren't a blogger) and make sure you come back next week to play again!

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  1. We have the same problem getting pictures of hubby and me together. Yours turned out nice. We generally try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along, even asking strangers to take one for us.

  2. Oh that cheesecake looks glorious. So good it makes me think ALL your stuff must look that good! Big boxes are always fun, wowza, that's a lot of diapers! Great pic of you guys. And you'd think the little ones would get cold, but maybe it's her way of being "unique" :)

  3. The diaper delivery day looks fun! And the cheesecake, holy moly! Yum :)

  4. That is one awesome cheesecake!! I love seeing pictures of your family! I'm sure it will be a joyous occasion to not have to change all those diapers--I have 5 kids all spread out and even though I miss them being really little, I do not miss the diapers. Of course, maybe I would miss it more if I wasn't babysitting 2 babies!

  5. What an amazing concept! "Little Things Thursday!" I love it! Would I be able to join in on the fun too? :)

    Beautiful pictures! You have such an adorable family!!!


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