Friday, January 31, 2014

When Toddlers Attack: The Powdered Sugar Saga - Take 2

What IS it with my kids and powdered sugar?!

Their need to mess around in the kitchen would make you think that they have zero toys in the house. So not true!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the girls getting into the powdered sugar while Sean and I were working on a few things at the kitchen table. I thought that was bad. Psshh!! This is about 100 times worse.

Friday morning, I was in bed with my leg up. It had been less than 24 hours since I took a tumble down the stairs, and my broken leg was so painful that Sean and I just decided it would be best if I didn't try to make it downstairs that morning. My sweet hubby was helping me get setup with my laptop, notebooks, and other items since we knew I'd be spending quite a bit of time in our room for the next few weeks.

Mistake. BIG mistake.

Sean left the room to check on the kids, and I settled in to try to rest. The next thing I knew, Sean brought Elijah into the room to see me:

Head. to. Toe. It was EVERYWHERE. 

 It probably wasn't the best parenting move, but Sean and I were laughing pretty hard! Especially when Sean started calling Elijah, "Casper the Friendly Ghost."

Of course, being laid up, I had to rely on Sean's description of the kitchen until he could go down and take photos for me. And whoa boy. I'm not even going to try to describe it. The pictures do far more justice to the disaster in the kitchen than I could ever do with my words.

In the picture below, do you see the powdered sugar hand print on Caleb's head? LOL!

Sean took all of those photos, and then brought the second booger up to see me. Caleb looked just like Elijah. Betcha didn't know that Casper had a twin, did ya?
My amazing husband then spent an hour and a half trying to clean up that mess. There were little ghost footprints all over our entire house where the kids had been before he could catch them. Even with all of his sweeping, moping, and wiping, there was still powdered sugar along the edges of the room, and the floor was still sticky. But he did it all with a smile, and by the time that he made it back to our room to clean up the ghost footprints in there, he looked like this:
If anyone is curious, we no longer have ANY powdered sugar in our house, and Sean has bungee-corded the gate to the pantry to keep the kids out.

But don't worry, I'm sure there will be another attack in spite of our best efforts...


  1. lol That is hilarious! I bet you're glad it happened when you conveniently couldn't get out of bed to help! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I sat here saying "Oh no! Oh no!" over and over as I read this. I wish somehow you had a video of the joy they had making that mess.

  3. Oh no!!! That's so hilarious though. Glad your hubby was so supportive!!

  4. I'm sorry to say that I laughed out loud! Maybe it's better you weren't there in person to see the damage; secondhand is much easier! I would love to see the slide show that you will be putting together for the kids' weddings in 20+ years!
    Lee Ann

  5. I do baking for a local cafe, and so we also have industrial size containers of flour and sugar around. I took over a near-to-our-kitchen closet, and kicked out our coats to a spare bedroom closet, because I knew (correctly, of course), there would be no way to keep out kids out otherwise. And I only have two under 4 years! It is a hassle to haul my big tubs back and forth, but it's the best we can do without remodeling :P

    What a great husband you have. Isn't it true, though, that laughing and taking pictures of these disasters is the only way to keep from crying, sometimes. My mother still talks about my infamous childhood nap where she walked in and discovered I had unstuffed a feather pillow on a hot day. There was a box fan in the room and an open window. And I was naked to my diaper. Yes, she took pictures (God bless her), to keep from crying.

  6. Oh my.... I feel bad for laughing, but honestly - Casper is the very first thing I thought! LOL
    And I thought is was bad when my daughter dumped all the dish soap all over the floor to help me "clean". Well there were a lot of suds -- but at least it did technically clean the floor. really clean! :)

  7. Oh my goodness!!!! haha!! I don't mean to laugh, but this is such a funny memory to look back on!! You and your hubby make a great team. You must be so thankful to have such a supportive partner by your side. And, I must admit... "casper" looks pretty cute in all that powder... haha! *hugs*

  8. Toddlers can be fierce for sure!! Those pictures are precious, and your kids are blessed to have parents who laughed it off instead of losing their minds :). I love hearing these stories about you all.

  9. Oh no!!! It's bad enough when they make a mess but to add insult to injury, literally! Hope you feel better soon. Gah, a fall down the stairs. My greatest fear! I always tell the kids as they are both insisting I carry them down at the same time that one day are all going to fall!


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