Thursday, February 13, 2014

A "Snowy" Sensory Bin Activity

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Last November, we did a fun fall sensory bin with dried beans. The kids LOVED it! And honestly, it really wasn't hard to pick up.

With it being winter, I wanted to do a snow sensory bin, but beans just didn't seem like they would be the right material.

One morning as I was walking through my garage on my way to the basement to do the laundry, I passed by a huge box of packing peanuts. (Side note: My grandma used to call them "ghost poop." It would drive my mom crazy that she was teaching us stuff like that! Ha!)

Finally! A use for all of those packing peanuts that show up over Christmas!

I pulled out a lot of the items that we used in our autumn sensory bin since they easily transferred. Unfortunately, they are mostly white in a tub full of white peanuts. So either squint really hard while looking at this photo, or jump back to the autumn sensory bin where they are a little easier to pick out against the beans.

For this bin, I decided to use one really big bin instead of a couple of smaller ones. I wanted to create the idea of a snow drift. The kids were all over this bin like I hoped they would be!

And then the kids decided to jump in the bin. I won't show all of the photos of them piled in there, but it ended up looking somewhat like a clown car.

And then the fun went to a whole new level when they realized that they could do this:
So what do you think about my version of recycling? It kind of makes me curious what other fillers I can use in sensory bins! Any ideas??
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  1. That looks like so much fun! Glad to see the kids enjoying it. Bubble wrap I'm sure would be a big sensory thing for them, but I also know that that could be pretty overwhelming for mom and dad.

  2. this is a fabulous idea! course, I have tons of the real stuff outside my door, but even still - they have to come indoors at some point. My youngest would really have a blast with this.

  3. Great idea... and reuse of packing materials too!


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