Tuesday, March 11, 2014

10 Random Facts About Me

I like to write my "What I'm Into" posts at the end of every month, but they are more general than this list. If you were ever curious about just how weird I am, this will give you a definite glimpse into that.
1. I always keep a stash of Garden Salsa Sun Chips on reserve. They are my favorite chips, so I'll often buy 4-5 bags of them when they go on sale, and then slowly dole them out until the next sale cycle comes around. I'm on a mission to never be caught without some readily available.

2. I have a major phobia of raw chicken. I have to immediately bleach my entire sink and all counters after dealing with it. And whole chickens are even worse! I've been known to completely alter recipes just so that I don't have to deal with the whole chicken.

3. I can't squish a bug. The whole crunching shell, legs, body thing gives me the willies. I will either flush it down the toilet (if I'm pretty sure it can't swim), scoop it up and take it outside so that it gets a second chance at life, or slap it with a shoe while dancing around and screaming. But if there is any other adult present, I make them deal with it.

4. I'd rather scrub a toilet than do laundry.

5. I've stopped following recipes 100%. I always end up tweaking it a little bit. And then I tweak my tweak the next time.

6. If I go more than three days without writing, I start to go into withdrawal.

7. Right now my ideal vacation consists of at least 48 straight hours of sleeping. No interruptions. No demands on my time. Just a dark room, extra pillows, a down comforter, and room service (and no bill. Ha!).

8. Purple is my default eye shadow color. It's been that way for years. I've branched out a bit, but I always find myself going back to that color.

9. I am terrified of the Muppets. Terr-i-fied. Sean has a bunch of Muppet movies, but he knows that he has to watch those when I'm not home. And yes, it took me quite awhile to be able to cope with Sesame Street on in the house. Hey, some people are afraid of clowns. I'm afraid of Muppets. Don't judge!

10. Talking on the phone makes me super nervous. I think it's because I feel like I'm on the spot. If I'm answering phones or making calls as part of a job, that's different. I have no problem doing that. But personal calls? I really try to avoid those. Yeah, I never said that my quirkiness makes sense. Hmm...there must be an underlying reason why I went with writing as a career choice...

Am I super weird? Or do you have quirks too? Leave me a comment with something weird about you!

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  1. I love your ideal vacation! I could go for that one too. With of course some Garden Salsa Sun Chips by your bedside! :)

  2. I have the same raw chicken phobia! I don't really have a rational explanation for it either, and all other raw meat doesn't bother me. But there's just something about raw chicken!

  3. Note to self - don't pack my Kermit doll for our road trip! Elmo must stay home as well.

    If you figure out how to pull off the 48 hour sleeping vacation - please, please, please let me know!

  4. I am 60 years old and still have stuffed animals all through my house but hey, at least I don't sleep with them anymore. Now I have real cats that I sleep with and a big husband so no room for the stuffed animals anymore.

  5. I save all the bugs :) Unless they're a brown recluse or wasp, but other than that, I save 'em. Even little cute jumping spiders. I know, no one says spiders are cut. Except me :) I also am totally with you on the recipe deal. I never follow them exactly, too much fun to play around.

  6. I also love purple eye shadow, all shades .. it happens to be my favorite color & I just think it flatters my green eyes:) And you are NOT weird at all .. I have to sleep with a fan on to drown out noise .. I sometimes read stuff on computer from right to left instead of the normal way, haha .. I usually make bugs go back outside, too .. especially baby spiders & the like .. that's all the quirks I have so far:)

  7. your vacation sounds about perfect.
    And I totally get your phone thing -- I really dislike talking on the phone too. I don't know - I find it very flustering and then I ramble. I am awesome face to face (ha), so I have no idea what happens to my brain.

  8. I'm not a fan of raw chicken either. I've discovered the rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and don't feel so gross after using it. I also love my purple eye shadow, but not as much as my purple eyeliner!


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