Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Last Pre-Preschool Play Date...Disney Style! #DisneySide #spon

This post is sponsored by Disney! My kids were delighted to get to participate in a Disney Side @Home Celebration. Thanks for supporting us and our blog!
When Disney asked to send me a box full of goodies so that I could throw a party, I said yes without even thinking about it. Disney! I love Disney and so do my kids, so it was an easy decision!

And then about a week later, I broke my leg. What was initially going to be a grand and elaborate party turned into something a little more down-to-earth, so that I could hobble along enough to pull it together.

Honestly, I'm glad that I decided to go the easier route. I would have been stressed out of my mind with a crazy party, but our simple Disney play date ended up being the perfect way to do it! Even better was the timing. Tuesday mornings have been a favorite day to plan play dates and with the kids starting preschool this week, those Tuesday mornings will now be spent in school. So this ended up being our last Tuesday morning play date until summer.

The box that Disney sent actually had a suitcase full of goodies in it....almost everything I needed was in the bag.

  • American Tourister Suitcase: So that I can go on a trip to Disney. Uh...okay!
  • HP Photo Cards: To send invitations to our party. I ended up giving them to my friends as party favors.
  • Disney Marathon Wrist Bands and Bumper Stickers: Yeah...I don't run...but anyhow...
  • Mickey and Minnie Posters: These are so cute! My friends loved taking them home!
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse plates, napkins, tablecloth, and decorations: My kids were over the moon when I started putting these out!
  • Mickey Mouse Stickers, Tattoos, and other little items: These went into the party favor bags for the kids
  • and lots of other items!
All I really had to do was provide the food and the rest of the items for the party favor bags. (Tip: If you are planning a Disney party, check the Dollar Spot at Target!)

The sad part is that I forgot to take photos of the food...and Caleb. Actually, I'm blaming Caleb for the fact that there are no photos of him. He is such a turd when my camera comes out. *sigh* So just imagine him in all of these photos, okay?

Anyhow, here are the photos that I did get from our fun last play date before preschool!

I asked all of the little girls to come in their finest princess dresses or Disney apparel. They were so cute! We had several Minnie Mouses running around, and the ears were a big hit!

Also, it doesn't get any cuter than babies wearing Mickey Ears. I'm just saying!

We started our party with a special screening of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode. That was followed up with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring pages. I loved seeing how delighted they were to be doing Mickey activities all morning!
And then we broke for lunch. The kids had Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets, dried cranberries, tater tots, and pizza rolls. The ladies sneaked bites off of the kids plates, plus had chicken salad sandwiches.

It was such a fun morning to spend with good friends! My two dearest friends, Sarah and Renee, drove in for the party with their kids (one drove 1.5 hours one-way to hang with us!), and I got to continue developing friendships with Elizabeth and KayCee. Such a wonderful group of women, and some darn cute kids to boot!

And I know my kids enjoyed it too, because once the party was over, they crashed hard. Good play date + good nap = great day!
This post was sponsored by Disney Side @Home Celebration! Thank you for reading along and supporting our family and blog. This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, please see my disclaimer page.


  1. That is ADORABLE!! I want to have a mickey mouse party! Maybe for my 31st b day ;-) I like how how your lil guy is picking his nose with a screwdriver, such a man. ;-)

  2. Looks like a hit to me! Do you have any of those Minnie Mouse ears left? Those could be fun to wear around. :)


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