Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Do You Smell That? #FebrezeSpring

Many thanks to Febreze for sponsoring this post and making my house smell good!
My mood always lifts a bit when spring arrives!

The weather is pleasant, I don't have to wear a heavy coat, it finally makes sense again to paint my toes, and there is less laundry because bulky clothes are finally packed away. Yay!

So other than that freak snow on Monday, I think spring is finally here. While I was at the chiropractor's office yesterday, I looked out the window and saw two little birds collecting twigs for their nests. That is most certainly a good sign that flip flop weather is almost here!
Febreze has just released their spring collection, and I've already switched out my deeper mochas and cinnamon scents for the lighter Rain and Nectar scents. I love feeling like the windows are constantly open!

This time around, I'm trying a couple of new types of air fresheners and revisiting an old favorite!

I always like the versions that have the capability of alternating scents! The Febreze NOTICEables switch scents everyday so that your nose doesn't get used to one scent. I keep this one in my kitchen...directly across from our poopy diaper filled trashcan.

I really like the Febreze Set&Refresh. I've been looking for something to put in our hall bathroom, but the outlets don't work in there (don't ask). Because a lot of the air fresheners are plug-ins, I haven't found a great solution. The Set&Refresh doesn't need batteries or an outlet though! You just pull the bottom down a bit to release the scent. We keep the bathroom closed off all the time because my kids think that the toilet water is a lot of fun, so it can get a bit stale in there. It's a lot better now!

My favorite new acquisition is actually the CAR Vent Clip! I used to use air fresheners in my car when I was in college and spent a lot of time driving, but I just haven't thought about it since then. I'm suddenly finding myself spending a lot of time in the car again as I take the kids to and from preschool and go to doctor's appointments everyday. The Rain Vent Clip that I have in my car is perfect!

If you are looking for some new spring scents, Febreze is certainly worthy of a sniff!

I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments! What is your favorite spring scent? I'm really enjoying "Rain" right now!

Thanks to SheSpeaks and Febreze for sponsoring this post. For more info, please see my disclaimer page.


  1. I went to the store tonight and saw these and the smells are so great and perfect for spring!

  2. I love Rain too! I tend to go towards the fresh clean scents as opposed to the floral scents.


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