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Mommy Tip: Splurge on New Products for Free {}

Last fall, I started a series on how to get new products delivered to your home for free! We took a break for a few months, but we still have two more product review companies to go. If you missed the first two installments, make sure you jump over to read about Influenster and Smiley360!
It's pretty obvious at this point that I'm not the only Mama to enjoy free products! Often times, products that I get through these review companies are either ones I've never heard of, or something that I wouldn't spend money on without knowing if they work. This has become a great way for me to try new things without spending money...and I've found a few new products that I absolutely love! So many of you responded to the first two posts in the series saying that you love this kind of stuff too. Yay! So glad that I'm in good company!

Today, we are going to explore the product review site: I *just* learned about this site a couple of weeks ago, and *just* got a promo box last Friday, so I'm brand new to this site. Normally, I like to thoroughly vet these things before offering them to you, but their next big shipment is going out in two weeks, and I don't want you to miss it! That shipment will be my first official box from them (the one I received was just a teaser box so that I could get an idea of how this works). So if you sign up, we will be in this together!

And don't forget: You don't have to be a blogger to participate in these! :)

A Brief Overview of has three big shipments that go out every year, generally in the spring, summer, and fall. As a member of the site, you can choose what you'd like to receive for free on a first come, first serve basis.

Product samples are offered to people based on the interests that they put in their profile, so you might be offered all sorts of different things to try!

So how does work?
Signing up as a member of is super easy! You sign up with an email and password, fill out a brief profile, and you are done! You don't have to apply, sit on a waiting list, or anything. I love the ease of getting to sign up with this company!

Whatever you do, don't just sign up and leave. Make sure that you fill out your profile because mails out hundreds of thousands of samples every year. Your profile lets them know simple things like, whether you have an infant in the house, own a dog, are single or married, and if you like healthy eating. The samples they offer you will be tailored to you so that you don't have to wade through tons of samples that wouldn't be of interest.

What kind of samples can you expect? All sorts of things! Health/beauty, food, cleaning products, etc, They offer a big range of products, so it shouldn't be hard to find something to interest you.

Once you have signed up and filled out your profile, you just sit back and wait for the email to come through that it's time to select your samples. When you see that email, jump on it! There are limited samples, and although not all samples are offered to everyone, they will probably go quickly.

The best part: Not only does each sample offer include a photo and description, there is no limit to how many samples you can request! And there is no cost associated with trying or shipping the items. It's entirely free! promo box!

The fun part begins when your box arrives!
It can take 4-6 weeks for your box to arrive, but once it does, you can explore the different products that you picked out. Try them and see if they work for you and your family. In my promo box, my products came with a couple of coupons as well. Nice!

A few weeks after receiving your box, you will be asked to provide feedback on the products. This helps the companies improve their products and provides other consumers with real-people reviews about the products.

Providing feedback is optional with this product review company, but remember that by opting into review programs like this, they are sending out the products with the understanding that you will let them know your thoughts. Play fair, okay?

So what are your personal thoughts on
So far, my impression of has been neutral. Since I'm so new to this product review program, it's a little early to be forming a full opinion. As I said above, I typically try these out pretty thoroughly before mentioning it to you, but since there are only three waves of products that go out every year, and the next one is in two weeks, I'm taking a chance on it.

Here is what I love so far about The fact that I can opt into a bunch of samples at the same time. I know that a lot of companies offer samples on their sites, but going around and requesting each one is not something that I have time for. If I can log into a site, click through and pick a bunch, and then have them mailed all at once, that is much easier for me. I'm happy to offer my opinion in exchange for the ease of the program.

What I'm not as big a fan of is the size of the samples. In the previous product review companies that we've discussed, they send out full-sized samples. The samples that come from look like they are one-use samples. I really prefer larger samples as it sometimes takes me a few uses to form an opinion.

Also, in my promo box, I received toothpaste and mouthwash. While I can always use more of both, I can also get those for free at my regular dental checkup every six months. Granted, I didn't choose these samples, and they had to pick something pretty accessible for my promo box, but I'm hoping that when I participate in the actual program, the offerings will be a little more fun!

With all that being said, I will for sure be participating in the next wave of boxes to go out! I love getting to try new products without taking away from my family's budget.

And finally, a reminder:
Most product review companies require feedback on the products, but does not. However, I encourage you to provide that feedback anyway when they send out the email asking for it. By providing the feedback, you are helping to make sure that offers like this continue to come our way. Besides that, it's nice for the companies to receive your thoughts in return for their free products. That's just my opinion, but I think that if we treat companies fairly, they will be more likely to treat us fairly in return!

Do you participate in any product review companies? Let me know which ones, if you do!

This post contains no affiliate links, and I was not compensated for writing it. I just like sharing my fun finds with my fellow Mamas. Enjoy your free product samples! For more info, please see my disclaimer page.


  1. Rebeccah girl --- so, I've never done any of the above, but it sounds pretty interesting. My daughter is 13 (my son is grown). Based upon your experience, would these types of programs be best for families with young children or anyone? Tell me your favorite as I may have to sign up. x Dana

    1. Influenster is hand's down my favorite! And these work for anyone. :) You can find the link to how that program works at the top of this blog post!

  2. I just signed up. Thanks for the information. : 0 )

  3. Thanks for the tips. I love Influenster, but I'm going to go check out Smiley360 and SampleSource.

  4. I don't recommend using samplesource. Their customer support is very rude and unprofessional Use smiley360, crowdtap, influenster, bzzagent.


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