Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014 Summer Bucket List

It's time to post our annual summer bucket list!

Last year, we made a summer bucket list for our first summer off of lockdown. We managed to make it through about half of it before the summer was over. I'm hoping that this year, we can get a little further into our list since the kids are older, and a little easier to move from point A to B. Some things on this year's list are the same as last year (because they are just FUN!), but we've added some new activities and places to explore as well!


2014 Summer Bucket List
  • Visit the City Market. We love the City Market! It's a giant Farmer's Market/Ethnic Shop hub. The produce is insanely cheap too! I wish it was a little closer to our house, but it's worth the drive when we go!
  • Picnic in the Park. Is it summer without one???
  • Visit the Deanna Rose Farmstead. It's farm/petting zoo for kids. We never made it there last year, so it's a high-priority this year!
  • Preschool Story Time at the Library. This was such a disaster last year, although our Occupational Therapist who went with us thought it went well. Lol! I think it's worth trying again though.
  • The Summer Reading Program at the Library. I loved participating when I was a child, and I'm planning on leaving this on our bucket list for our kids every year.
  • Go to the Kansas City Zoo. Technically, we've already been once this year for the kids' preschool field trip, but Ellie got sick, so I had to leave with her before she could see anything. I think we need a do-over!
  • Little Monkey Bizness. Always a favorite with our kids! We like to go first thing in the morning when the entry fee is cheaper and there are fewer kids.
  • Powell Gardens. It's a beautiful garden that is open to the public. We haven't been, but we already have our tickets to visit this summer! They always have exhibits rotating through. This summers exhibit is animal art through the gardens. I think the kids will love it!
  • Blow Bubbles and Pop Them! You know those ginormous bubbles? Yeah, I think it's time to introduce those!
  • Draw with Chalk on the Sidewalk. Hmm...streets make me nervous. Maybe we will do this one while we are picnicking at the park. We have so much chalk, I'm pretty sure that our kids could doodle all summer and still have some left over!
  • Go Swimming/Play in the Sprinklers I bought a family size inflatable pool at a consignment sale this spring. Brand new $80 pool for $12. I love consignment sales! So maybe we will all go "swimming" this summer!
  • Sand and Water Table. Sure it's messy, but that's what being a kid is all about! The kids love, love, love their Sand and Water table, and I love watching them explore with it. Definitely on the list again...followed by bath time. :)
  • Ice Cream Bars or Popsicles in the Backyard. A must during the summer!
  • Visit a Real Farm. We have several friends who have farms, so hopefully we can visit and see some animals this summer!
What is on your bucket list?? Did I miss anything that I should add?


  1. Sounds like a fun-filled summer! And I like getting ideas of things that you guys are doing for when my nephew comes to visit. He's 2, so some of these things are perfect. :)


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