Thursday, June 12, 2014

Playdate Advice from Real Moms with Little Ones

This is a sponsored post by Playtex. Thank you for letting me share it with you and for supporting our blog and family in this way!

I'm kind of a sucker for all things multiples.

I know, surprise, right?

When you live in multiple-dom day in and day out, looking for those bits of inspiration to get through until bedtime are really important. Plus, if that inspiration comes from happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult multiples? Well, then I just can't tear my eyes away.

I hope I'm raising our quadruplets right, but I'm always willing to glean advice from others, especially from those who know what it's like to grow-up with siblings the same age.

Today, I have a fun combination of inspiration, advice, and multiples for you! Do you remember the identical twins, Tia and Tamera of Sister, Sister fame? They are now grown adults with little kids of their own. Recently, with help from Playtex, they sat down with some real moms (not celebrity moms!) to have some round table discussions about raising real kids. I'd love to share those with you, because you might just learn something new like I did!

With summer here, I always think about playdates! Our kids have four weeks of summer school and continuing therapy, but after that it will be a free-for-all until school starts in the fall! I'm hoping to have lots of playdates in those six weeks. But since we were on lockdown for so long, I still feel like a relative newbie when it comes to playdate etiquette.

What makes for a good playdate? And what are must-haves to have on hand? Watch below for advice from moms who host and attend playdates on a regular basis!
Did you notice that Tia and Tamera said that they have different parenting styles? Even identical twins have their own parenting personalities! I love it!
Tia and Tamera also did a couple of extra videos with those same moms to discuss some other big issues that us moms face: Diapers and Bottles. There are so many facets to raising kids, aren't there? It's probably good that they didn't invite me to the filming, because I could talk and ask questions about kids all day long...much longer than their videographer would want to be there!

The video about diapering tickled my funny bone! I could tell you a diaper story for each one of my kids without even having to stop and think. I imagine most moms have the same stories in their repertoires! Those little, you have to move fast!
And this video about bottle feeding would have been helpful a few years ago when we were trying to find the right bottles for our kids. They are SO right that every baby likes a different nipple shape. We ended up with several brands and nipple sizes before settling on the right one for each of our kids (And, no. The nipples weren't all the same! It was a huge juggling match come feeding time!)
I love that Playtex chose multiples to talk to real moms about raising real kids. Sometimes, those of us with multiples aren't considered "normal," but the truth is that we like playdates, have to change diapers, and definitely want to find the right bottles for our kids too.  Make sure that you see what else Playtex offers to make the road a little easier, whether you are raising one child or many at the same time!

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This post is sponsored by Playtex. Thank you for letting me share the videos of Tia and Tamera and the other moms with you! While this post was sponsored by Playtex, all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.  For more info, please see my disclaimer page.


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