Tuesday, July 15, 2014

{2014 Summer Bucket List} I-49 Bounce House Fun Center

Today's post is really more photos than anything else, but the kids had SO much fun, I couldn't skip writing about it!

A couple of weeks ago (yeah, I'm behind on posts), Sean's mom called and asked if she could take our kids to a place called the I-49 Fun Center. It's a big room with four big bounce houses, and kids can just run wild!

So although we agreed to meet Ma and cousin Marissa at the play center, Sean and I kinda thought it would be a bust. Caleb's issues are such that family outings very rarely turn out to be family outings. We normally end up splitting into two groups: Sean and Caleb, and Me and the rest of the kids. We had a feeling that bounce houses, a new location, and lots of kids was going to make for a very short play date.

I am happy to report that is was a resounding SUCCESS!!! I can't even explain to you how much it means to me to have a family outing that is actually a family outing! Until you repeatedly have to take a child out of public situations because of sensory overload and anxiety, you just won't get what a big deal this was for us!

All of the kids had a great time, but Caleb especially enjoyed it! He was all smiles, and even left our side to go explore on his own. We eventually figured out that he most likely was able to cope with the situation because of the white noise in the building. The bounce houses all have blowers, and the noise level was just loud enough to drown out most other noises, but the white noise made it very manageable. 

It kind of makes me want to carry a bounce house around with us just to make family outings easier. Just kidding. Kind of.


They ran and bounced and climbed and ran. By the time we reached 1.5 hours, they were exhausted.

 But everyone still wanted to go down the slide one more time before we left.
Daddy and Caleb

I think we are going to have to take another trip back over there. It was so nice to finally see all of our kids enjoying an outing together!
Ellie and Cousin Marissa

I'm not complaining about the awesome nap they took afterwards either!

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  1. My boys have not been fans of bounces houses until recently. My sister has one at her house for my niece & nephew & my boys finally warmed up to it & now LOVE bouncing. Your post reminded me that we should try a bounce house place again. SOON :)

  2. My son has sensory processing disorder so I know exactly what you mean. I'm so glad he was able to enjoy the outing with you all :)

  3. Looks like fun to me! Glad everyone was able to enjoy it. :)


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