Sunday, August 24, 2014

Letters from Dad: #17

(Once a month, I invite Sean to take over the blog and write a little note to our kids. I love that he is willing to leave little nuggets of wisdom for them to look back on when they are older!

Dear Children,

This month, you started your first full year of full-time preschool. Last year, you went half days, four days a week for a partial semester. This year, you are going full days, five days a week.

The school you are going to is so big compared to your old school. You all walked in, your little 3½-year-old-selves, like it was old hat. Daddy could not have been more proud and yet sad at the same time. Only 3½-years-old, and you little kids are already taking on the world. You kids are so awesome. I wish you could stay young forever and never have to know responsibility, but each day you will learn a little more and a little more.

Already, three of you are doing so well with using the potty. Yes, there are still accidents but you are rocking the whole potty thing. You kids are also doing so well with picking up your toys 70% of the time. And all of you are always so good about offering to help around the house. Caleb loves doing yard work with Daddy. Elijah likes to take the recycling out to the “bicycle man”. Ellie likes being a little “mommy” and helping with the laundry. Abby is always there to give out a hug, a smile, or a song.

I think of each of you throughout my day, and I just smile. All four of you make me so happy.




  1. That"s really sweet and will be so precious to your kids when they are older.


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