Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Good-bye Summer!

Ellie, Elijah, Caleb, and Abby

Yesterday was the official last day of hot weather, swimming pools, slushies, flip flops, and strawberries, so we decided to give it a send-off!

How did we send it off? With half-price ice cream cones from Sonic!

Even better, Sean offered to take us for dinner too! Uh...yeah! No cooking sounded good to me!
Most of the kids did pretty well sticking with us in the picnic table area, but Caleb really felt that he should be allowed to go inside and see what was going on. I did a lot of walking with him while we were waiting for our food, but once it arrived, the kids had a blast on their "picnic." The car hops quickly figured out that they were quadruplets, and brought out a kids' meal toy for each of them to play with as well (we don't do kids' meals because of the expense). I thought that was really thoughtful of them, and the foam airplanes were a great distraction for Caleb. 

Speaking of the Sonic staff,  they asked if they could get a photo with our kids because "they've never seen quadruplets before." I thought about letting them know that most people haven't seen quadruplets before, but instead, just let them have the photo. Lol! They were super sweet girls, and they ASKED first which is a lot more than what most people do. (Yes, we've been followed in cars with people "sneaking" photos of the kids.) Plus, they let Ellie and Abby take turns wearing the official Sonic hat, so they pretty much have a preschool fan base now.
I told the Sonic girls that we should probably take a photo BEFORE they ate ice cream as I wasn't sure how that would turn out (note: it was insanely messy!). Once we took the photo, it was time for our first ice cream cones! Everybody did surprisingly well, although that patio was covered in melted ice cream by the time we left. Abby was the only one who managed to get two ice cream cones out of the deal since she dropped hers about 60 seconds after she started eating it. I'm actually impressed we only lost one during our first ice cream cone experience!

It was a HIT!
Ellie, Elijah, Caleb, and Abby

I posted this photo on my personal FaceBook page and a bunch of people have asked what Elijah is doing. I told everyone to look at the camera and say, "cheese!"...so he put his hand over his eyes so that I couldn't see him. Such a little goofball. Lol!

It was a really fun family outing to bid summer good-bye. Now onto my favorite season: FALL!


  1. Half-price ice cream cones at Sonic sounds like a great ending to the summer. We've never actually stopped at Sonic, even though there is one less than 5 minutes from our house by car. Your kids are adorable and I love their shirts! It was nice of you to allow the Sonic girls to get their picture with them.

  2. I absolutely ADORE these t-shirts! If they've worn them in photos before, I've missed it. Too cute! Sometimes when I see multiples dressed alike, I'm a little sad because the kids aren't "individuals," but these shirts manage to say "we're together, but we're each our own person."
    Lee Ann


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