Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Little Things Thursdays: #91

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Welcome to The Little Things Thursday!!

If you are new to our link-up, we like to take a minute to look back on the little things that brightened our week. So often we get busy and forget all of the things that we enjoy as we go through our daily lives. This is an opportunity to stop, remember, and enjoy those things! Nothing is too fact, the smaller the better! That's the whole point! If you have a blog, link-up below. If you don't blog, I'd love for you to participate by leaving a comment. Ready?

1. Camp Out
Elijah, Caleb, Ellie, and Abby

The kids LOVE their sleeping bags! Almost every single day, they pull all of them out and find different little spots to bed down in. I snapped this when all of the kids decided to have a camp out while watching a movie. It was so quiet...for about 30 seconds!

2. Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
Elijah in the petting barn

Ellie scooping dried corn

I got to go on my first school field trip!!! Er...okay, my kids went on the field trip, and I tagged along (Seriously though, it was my first official school field trip. I was homeschooled! :) ).

Elijah and Ellie went last week, and Abby and Caleb went this week to visit the pumpkin patch! It was a really fun little outing with their classes. The kids learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin, took a hayride, crawled through an inflatable caterpillar, picked out their own pumpkin to take home, and more.

Abby waiting for her turn in the catepiller

Caleb and his teacher

Caleb and Mommy on the hayride

I was just glad that I was able to spend time with each kid and their class! Having the kids go on two different days ended up working out well for me logistically. Some of this quad mom stuff gets tricky!

3. Dinner Helper
I love that Elijah wants to help so much! Sometimes he wants to help too much, but his heart is in the right place! Tonight, he set the table and helped clean everything up after dinner. We didn't ask him to, he just volunteered. Then he figured out that he could lick the mashed potatoes spoon on the way to the sink. Hey, it was a well earned lick after all of his hard work!

4. What One Sister Does, the Other Does Too
Earlier this week, I asked Ellie if I could take a photo of her head for yesterday's post about her second hemangioma surgery. "Ellie? Is it okay if I take a photo of your head?"

She said that was fine, and the next thing I knew, Abby was standing right there saying, "Take a picture of my NOSE!" 
She must have thought that we were taking photos of random facial features. :)

5. Abby....LOL!
And lastly, I have to tell you this hilarious story from Abby's visit to the pumpkin patch. We were all standing outside of the petting barn while the farm guide was telling us the rules for touching the animals.

**Guide: You can feed almost all of the animals in the petting barn, but don't feed the rabbit! Everybody say, "Don't feed the rabbit!"

**Preschool Class: Don't feed the rabbit!

**Guide: Good! Now, we don't want to feed the Mini Horses either. They bite! Everybody say, "Don't feed the Horses!"

**Preschool Class: Don't feed the Horses!

**Abby: Don't count the sheep! Don't count the sheep! DON'T COUNT THE SHEEP!!!

I guess she didn't want anyone to take a nap? Lol!

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