Friday, November 28, 2014

How to Save Even More this Holiday Season without Ever Leaving Your Couch

Black Friday shopping is NOT my thing.

Actually, shopping in general is really not my thing. I don't like going into stores, dealing with crowds, feeling like I'm in the way of the person next to me in the aisle. It's just not fun. (And yes, I do get that this is "fun" to some people.)

What I DO like is staying home and saving my very hard earned money.

So when Thanksgiving comes, I do my very, very best to not voluntarily walk into stores until after Christmas. I consider it self-preservation!

This year, I found a new way to get my Christmas shopping finished from home and save money at the same time. gives members 10% back and free shipping at 1000's of stores.  On top of that, they provide free returns and price protection! And these aren't just out-of-the way stores, either. Walmart, Nordstrom, Best Buy, ProFlowers, Sears, and many more are all participating retailers!

The website is easy to use and offers two ways to find the items that you want. You can either search for the store you want to shop or search by product to compare prices across the stores in the database. Either way, once you find your store or item, you just click through and shop that store's website like usual. Once per quarter, sends you your 10% cash back! And if you want to take advantage of their free shipping, free returns, or price protection, that rebate keeps going up!

PLUS, you can combine those perks with other coupons and discounts that you may come across as you are browsing the internet!

I decided to give it a trial run on an item that one of my quad mom friends said that her kids love: Water Wow! Books. The books come with a pen that you fill with water. The pen turns the pages different colors, and when the pages dry, it reusable! It sounds perfect for doctor's visits, car rides, etc, so I wanted to get four of them for stocking stuffers this year.

I went to and searched for Melissa & Doug (one of my favorite retailers!).

I clicked through to their site, and ordered four Water Wow! books and a big roll of paper for art projects.

My total ended up being $35.43 with tax and shipping. I'm expecting $2.70 back as my automatic 10% cash back.

 Then I simply submitted my order to request my shipping rebate of $8.48!

Total savings? $11.18 or 32%. In other words, two of my books were completely free!


As I type this, it's Thanksgiving evening. Most of my friends are out standing in line for Black Friday deals. Instead, I've been sitting here on my couch, doing my shopping online. The zipper broke on my coat, so I found a new one through Burlington Coat Factory. I'm getting $4.99 back plus free shipping from them. Then I headed over to Kohls online and bought snow gloves for the kids and a FitBit for my annual weight loss resolutions in January (one of these years, I'm actually going to follow through!). I ended up scoring BIG on the Kohls website because I could combine the perks with other coupons. I'm getting $15.13 as my 10% cash back and free shipping, plus I got 15% percent off because I had a coupon in my email, plus $45 Kohls cash. I saved about $90 at Kohls tonight. FROM MY COUCH!

Needless to say, is making me a very happy camper this holiday season! I see absolutely no reason to shop for anything in the stores. The only thing that would make the website better would be if I could do my grocery shopping through it as well!

You can grab a one month free membership right now! Just use coupon code HOLIDAY2014 to get your free one month membership (hint: that code also gives you a discount on the monthly membership fee when your free trial is over! It will only be $9.95!), From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, they are promoting five retailers per day and giving you 20% back! Head over and sign up, and make your Christmas easier than it's ever been before!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, please see my disclaimer page.


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