Sunday, December 14, 2014

Putting Up the Christmas Tree - 2014

Our kids have been BEGGING for a Christmas Tree this year. Last year, Sean and I took the lazy way out and figured they wouldn't notice the missing we kind of just skipped it. The year before that, we had a tree, but they were too young to remember. But this year, we had to have a tree.

No way around that!

But actually, it's kind of fun to see and hear their excitement this year!

We told them that we had a surprise for them, and to sit on the couch while Daddy brought it in. Everyone was ready to see it (except for Caleb who was on the floor behind Ellie).
Elijah, Abby, (Caleb behind Ellie) and Ellie

They were SO happy to see a tree come through the garage door!

Then, Daddy brought out some special ornaments for each of them. While we were on our weekend getaway last month, Sean picked out something for each child that he thought they would enjoy. Abby got an Anna ornament, Elijah got Hulk, Caleb got Captain America, and Ellie got Elsa.

I asked them to hold up their ornaments so that I could take a picture. This photo is a great example of their personalities! Elijah obeyed, Ellie followed directions, Caleb was too focused to listen, and Abby was totally confused. Lol!
Abby, Elijah, Caleb, and Ellie

And then we got down to decorating! 
Caleb, Mommy, and Ellie

And let me tell you, decorating a Christmas Tree with four 3-year-olds is not an easy task! They wanted to put their own ornaments on, but it was tricky to get them to stay on the branches. Then as soon as we helped one kid get an ornament up, another kid knocked a different ornament off.

Also, Elijah's Hulk ornament broke about 30 seconds after we opened the box. I'll let you guess how many more have broke within 48 hours of the tree going up. 
Abby and Caleb looking at our ornaments

Ellie is a smart cookie though, and quickly realized that having Elsa on a lower branch was a very bad idea. She asked to put it at the top of the tree instead. She loves her ornament and showing it off! I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that she actually thinks she IS Elsa.

Even Caleb got into the tree decorating. :)

It was fun to decorate the tree with the kids....but the decorations only lasted for a few hours. This was what we were looking at only a day or two later:

When I took these photos, there were about three ornaments on the lower branches. 
The tree is now completely bare except for the top 12 inches. The lights are hanging off onto the floor, and the tree is lopsided from Ellie trying to climb it.


Our Christmas tree with 3-year-olds looks a LOT different from our Christmas trees before kids. But their excitement is so precious, it ends up making Christmas even more special!

....but I'm honestly not sure the tree will still be standing by the time Christmas rolls around.

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  1. My kids have been pretty good...but my 2 year old keeps taking all the ornaments he can reach, and finding ways to climb to the top for those as well, lol. It makes Christmas fun when you can just enjoy their enthusiasm and not mind the lopsided trees :) Merry Christmas

  2. Our tree looks a lot different now that we have kids, too. It's sort of pitiful. :) Everyday the two year old is bringing me a new ornament she has picked off - lol.


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