Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Recap 2014

December is by far the most stressful month out of the year for me. It's one of those things where I really have to just put my head down and keep going until I get to the end of it. As much as I enjoy time with family on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, I'm always VERY grateful to see January arrive. It's like I can finally take a big deep breath and get back to normal.

BUT, with that being said, the lead up to Christmas was more fun this year than it has been in the past!

Last year, the kids didn't fully "get it". The year before that, they were clueless. And the year before that, they were still infants. This year, they definitely knew what was going on! Age 3 must be the magical number!

It was so fun for me to see them excited about the Christmas tree! I did have to explain a few things about it though, like when we were headed home from school one day...
Ellie *in the back seat* When we get home, we are going to get another Christmas tree!
Me: Uh, no Ellie. Just one tree per Christmas. Otherwise we will end up with an entire forest in our living room.
Ellie: Oh, okay...

Then there was the lead up to Christmas. How many times can a set of 3-year-old quadruplets wish everybody "Merry Christmas" in one day? Turns out that there is no limit! Lol!

And then there were these four cute little faces at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning.....and secretly, I was just as excited as they were to see them open their gifts. I start Christmas shopping in August every year, so that is some serious anticipation for me!

Christmas day itself ended up being a pretty busy for us. After letting the kids open their gifts from us, we headed over to my parents' house for cinnamon rolls and gifts. My brother and sister both came into town, so it was nice to have the whole family together again!

I have to share a quick photo of the best Christmas gift we gave this year. We always draw names on my side of the family, and Sean drew my brother Mike this year. When I called Mike to ask what he wanted for Christmas, he gave me absolutely no ideas and said that he didn't need anything. So Sean and I were sitting on the kitchen table about five days before Christmas with still no clue what to get him. Somehow, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and the Jelly of the Month Club came up. Since the exchange had a $20 limit, and Jelly of the Month Club subscriptions start at $35 per month, that was out, but then Sean glanced down at the Bama brand grape jelly sitting on the table, and an idea was born. My conservative brother, Mike, ended up getting a year's supply of Limited Edition O-bama Grape Jelly. Haha! It was great!

Then we headed over to Sean's parents' house for gifts and Christmas dinner. His brother also came in from out of town, so by the end of Christmas, we were able to each see all of our siblings and spend time with them. Quite the feat!

The kids received SO many gifts between both sides of the family. I wish I could better explain to them just how blessed they are to have such a generous extended family. These kiddos have had so much fun playing with their new toys in their last week, and they are STILL wishing everyone they see or who we talk to on the phone a "Merry Christmas!"

So from all of my kids to you....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (They have no idea what New Year's Day is. Ha!)


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