Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Letters from Dad: #23

Dear Children!

You made it to your 4th birthday! Congratulations!

It still blows my mind that you all have survived. Crazy journey. Very emotional. Lots of laugher, lots of frustration. All of it good. I’m so happy to have you four in our lives. Everyone is growing so much, not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

Elizabeth is still the second little mama. The only thing that stops her is her size. She wants to grow so big but says she hates food. Little girl needs to realize that she needs food to grow.

Elijah is a sweet boy and looks after his siblings. He still needs to slow down. He is too inquisitive sometimes, and we would appreciate it if he would stop talking so much and start listening better. Still, we are glad that he is asking questions and learning.

Caleb is such an ornery, goofy little boy. He loves pulling little antics and running off and giggling. It is hard to get upset at such a sweet spirit. Every day he speaks better and better. He is still lagging behind the other kids, and they are starting to catch on, but they don’t hold it against him. I hope they never do. I know he will catch up soon.

Abby is our little princess. She has a hard time waking up, just like her momma. She loves giving hugs and singing and dancing. Her favorite people are her daddy and all of her grandpas. We went on our first trip to St. Louis last month to visit my grandparents. At least once a week, Abby asks when we will be going back.

We have lucked out with the children we have. They have great manners, not perfect, but really good manners. They are all very sweet. Even their rough edges are easily strengths. I don’t know why God blessed us so. I certainly haven’t done anything to be this lucky.

Children, I pray your next year is full of blessings and that you continue to grow, grow, and grow. 

Happy birthday!




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