Monday, May 18, 2015

Letters from Dad: #25

(Once a month, I invite Sean to take over the blog and write a little note to our kids. I love that he is willing to leave little nuggets of wisdom for them to look back on when they are older! While many of the posts on this blog are written to share our lives with you, the reader, Sean's "Letters from Dad" series is truly written to our kids. You are welcome to peek in and see what he wants them to know!)

Hi Kids!

Daddy here. Have we been having some amazing adventures lately or what? Sometimes we feel like we never stop moving. You all are growing so big and conquering more and more milestones everyday. We are going out in public more and more, and you kids are doing so great at behaving incredibly well. Mommy and I are proud of you!

I hope we accomplish great things this summer. In summers past, we have made lists of all the things we plan on doing over the summer. This summer, Mommy and Daddy will be awfully busy. We will make the most of every chance we get, but we will probably stay pretty close to home except when we are adventuring. I hope you are ready to do some traveling. Road trips are in your future! Remember when we went to St. Louis to visit Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa? I hope you will have as much fun on our travel adventures this summer as you had on that trip.

Maybe we’ll do some swimming this summer! Maybe some painting! Definitely some ice cream! Probably do some yard work! Hopefully Daddy slims down by 30 or more lbs. It doesn’t matter what we end up doing, children. What matters is that we will be together, and we love each other.



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