Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kindergarten Prep...Quad Style!

So here we are. Three days before Kindergarten starts, and I'm so nervous!! I really thought I'd be good to go with this since we've already done two years of full-day Pre-K, but.....ahhh!!!!

I stopped by the school last night to check the postings with classroom assignments, and then cried all the way home. All I could think was, "I hope we made the right choice. I hope this school is going to meet their needs and all of the therapies listed on their IEPs. I hope we picked a good district. I hope the teachers and schools staff *get* us, but I also hope we don't overwhelm anyone." We've been told by TONS of people that we are in a good district and in a great school with really wonderful teachers, but it's that nagging mom worry that is getting me. 

It's okay. I'm going to make it. I know y'all are wondering. *sniff, sniff*

Okay, enough about me (because I think those are normal Kindergarten jitters anyway), let's talk about the kids!

The kids are SOOOOO excited for school to start! They are counting down the days, eagerly planning what to pack in their lunch boxes, and anticipating carrying their new backpacks to their classrooms. I hope they never lose their excitement for school, because truly, Sean and I would both go back to school in a heartbeat. We love learning and hope our kids carry that into adulthood with them.

What has been most fun about this week of kindergarten prep is that all the grandparents have been involved as well. Without us asking for them to invest in this big milestone, my parents asked to take our kids for school supplies, and Sean's dad asked to take them school clothes shopping. I love that it's a family affair sending them off to school!

As a total side note, these two outings happened on different days, but the girls are wearing the same outfits. I *promise* I washed their laundry between wearings! They just really love running around in dresses!

My parents took the kids for their outing earlier in the week. They started by heading to one of the kids' favorite places to eat: Chick-fil-A! Then they headed to Walmart with the school supply list and bought four of everything. That's a LOT of school supplies. Meanwhile, Sean and I escaped for a quick dinner out on our own. My mom took photos of their adventuring (but forgot to include herself). The kids were delighted, because they had no idea they were getting to do that until we pulled up to the Chick-fil-A to meet my parents!

Ellie, Caleb, Grandpa, Elijah, and Abby eating dinner

Caleb (front), Elijah (back), Grandpa, Abby (front), Ellie (back) shopping for school supplies

Today, Pa (Sean's dad) took the kids to shop for school clothes. Being the ever prudent thinker that I am, I opted for long sleeve shirts and pants to take us through the fall and winter. So although they won't wear these on the first day of school, they will be able to wear them for the majority of the year,which we are grateful for! Buying four new wardrobes twice a year gets expensive! We don't have hand-me-downs in our family since everyone is the same size. This was a fun shopping trip with Pa, Ruby (Sean's sister) and her kids Marissa and Toby. Our girls found it especially fun to shop with their cousin Marissa. They felt so grown up getting to do that! 

Ellie, Pa, and Abby contemplating princess outfits

Caleb, Elijah, and Pa looking at shirts

Group shot! Caleb, Elijah, Cousin Toby, Cousin Marissa, Abby, Ellie, and Pa
(Caleb is doing a yoga pose because the manikin across from him was doing a yoga pose in fitness wear. Lol!)

Pa, Ellie, Elijah, Abby, and Caleb at the end of the shopping trip.

This is a funny story! About 20 minutes into our 45 minute shopping trip (get that...6 kids, 45 minutes. That's fast!), Caleb looked at Pa and told him he was done. Pa told him to get used to it because he has a long life of following women who are shopping around, and that he was just lucky that we were staying at one store instead of hopping around to multiple places. By the time we took the photo above, Caleb was convinced that he never wanted to see the inside of a store again. Haha!! Poor buddy. It's a rough life being 5!

I *think* we are just about ready! I realized today that I need to get some food containers for their lunch boxes, and I still need 8 boxes of tissue for their classrooms, but other than that, all we have to do is stop by Meet the Teacher Night, and then get to school on time on Tuesday.

Kindergarten, here we come!!


  1. Congratulations on this big milestone! The pictures in your post are great. I imagine they will have a wonderful time in kinder. : 0 )


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