Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Low-Key December

This has been the most restful month of December that I've ever had. Normally, I'm going non-stop from Thanksgiving to Christmas every year. This year, Sean and I have slowed down and tried to enjoy as much time together as possible. We know that "couple time" will be scarce soon, and that bed rest is just about here, so we are definitely appreciating the moments that we have together with me still feeling relatively well.

In keeping with our slower approach to life, we pretty much decided to skip the Christmas decorations this year. However, Sean’s parents brought over a potted Christmas tree this week. I absolutely love it! It's the perfect size to sit on my hope chest and brings the perfect amount of Christmas to the house! It was so thoughtful and much appreciated!

The doctor told me at my last appointment a couple of weeks ago that I'm feeling what a woman normally feels at 30 weeks of pregnancy. This week it hit me just how tired I am. I'm normally ready for a nap by about 11am. I think some of the tiredness just comes from being unable to get comfortable. All of this is completely normal for pregnant women, so I'm happy to get to experience these side effects rather than the nausea or the other much more dramatic things that I could be faced with. Not complaining!

18 Weeks!

This week we are hoping to find out another gender or two. Our next appointment is not necessarily a baby appointment, but more of a mommy appointment. They will be checking my cervix to see if I can still wander around like I’ve been doing or whether I need to go on bed rest right away. We are hoping to talk the sonogram tech into taking another quick peek at the babies while she’s checking me to see if any of them want to reveal their genders. :)


  1. You are radiate, my friend, just radiant! I am so happy to be a part of your lives! Merry Christmas!


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