Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a Week!

Whoa! What a week! First we found out that Caleb is on his way, and then we were on the news!

On Tuesday evening, NBC Channel 41 called because they wanted to interview us for the news. One of Sean’s co-workers contacted them over the weekend about our unique way of starting a family. We had a really nice reporter, Al Miller, who came out on Wednesday and asked us questions about how we ended up expecting four babies and what we are doing to prepare for them. He was at our house for about an hour and 15 minutes just talking with us, checking out the babies’ room, and looking at sonogram pictures. They move fast in the news world! From the time they called us to the time it aired, it was only about 24 hours! If you missed it, the video link is below:

Sean and I were really impressed with how Al edited our interview. We honestly were not expecting him to keep much of our faith or reliance on God in the clip, and were so happy to see that he kept it a central part of the story…because it is a central part of the story! Yeah, we’re stressed out and nervous, but I can’t imagine how much more so we would be right now without knowing that God has the safety net right under us. This is one mega exercise in faith!

The super fun part of having aired the clip is that we have had the opportunity to email back and forth with some new friends! People who have struggled with infertility, others who have been placed on bed rest, and still others with sets of multiples themselves. Sometimes it’s just good to know that we aren’t the first people going through this.

The 17 Week Bump!

--Posted by Rebecca


  1. u guys did GREAT! You make such a pretty PG woman!

  2. We just LOVED the news story! You look absolutely radiate by the way! Gorgeous bump!

  3. So glad I am one of those new friends to get to email chat with you! We have kept you & your family in our prayers.

  4. I really enjoyed your interview. Thanks for the updates!

  5. So I was just looking at the news story and I saw some nasty things that people were saying. I just can't believe how dumb some people are. Jared and I are here for anything you need. And we are super excited for you and the babies.


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