Thursday, January 27, 2011

24 week update

Last night I took Rebecca to the hospital because she was having contractions every six minutes, (which shouldn't happen when you're at 24 weeks pregnant).  As they ran tests on her it appeared that her water had broken, but due to her being pregnant with quadruplets and high-risk, the parentologists needed to check her out, but would not be available until this morning.  They also believed that it was Caleb's sac that was ruptured because he is closest to Becca's cervix.  In the meantime she was placed on a magnesium drip to slow the contractions.   Other women went into labor this morning (like immediate labor) so the doctor was delayed until the afternoon.   He didn't believe the rupture was large since water wasn't gushing everywhere, but would need to have the sonogram tech do another sonogram to measure the amount of liquid around each baby particularly Caleb.  Eventually, they were able to bring the equipment to Becca's room and view the sonogram.   The amount of aminonitic fluid in each sac is good.  The doctor then repeated the tests from last night (very painful by the way).   The tests revealed that her cervix is thinning and one of the babies' sacs are leaking (not sure which).   so here is what we know:


Becca will be in the hospital for at least a week (if the babies don't come sooner).   She is in hospital to monitor:


1) that the contractions don't start back up

2) that the rupture does not become larger (there is a chance that the rupture could heal)

3) that she doesn't develop an infection from the magnesium drip or from the various tests they have been running on her


at this point, the doctors are more optimistic than pessimistic.  Also at this point, we are not necessarily ready for visitors.   Rebecca isn't really doing great due to a combination of medicine, testing, and lack of sleep.  If you could give her a little space, I would greatly appreciate it.   The good thing is that unless something goes wrong, everything is pretty much just going to maintain at this point.  The doctors will continue to monitor and in the event that the rupture gets larger or she develops an infection, I should have time to get to the hospital before the babies are born. 


I might be missing a detail but that is the long and short of it.  I'll probably be crashing soon. I'm lacking sleep too.   Thank you for your prayers.

posted by Sean


  1. thank you for sharing your latest challenge--keeping the babies in our prayers with esp thinking of Caleb's protection--keep us posted so we know how to meet your needs--which are now REST for all!! xoxo

  2. Will be praying!

  3. Thank you, Sean for taking the time to post this. Bless your hearts. Praying for all six of you. For you and for Rebecca to get good, deep rest and to be mindful of the one who called you to be together and lean on Him for all your strength. Know we are praying.

  4. Hang on to what got you to this point, it has worked well. The rest of us will send hope, prayers and positive thoughts your does work wonders.

  5. Our family is keeping yours in our prayers.

  6. I am thinking of you and hoping everything goes well! Hang on Guys!

  7. Sending lots of prayers your way!



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