Friday, February 25, 2011

A Couple Things to Pray For

Rebecca's breast milk to come in. We've got a drop so far. The doctors say it can take about 4 days, but Mama Bear is getting impatient.

That we get to spend more time today with the babies. We were only able to spend about two hours yesterday with the babies. In between the lack of sleep, hospital staff checking on Becca, pain medication, the amount of information that we receive at the NICU, and well-doers calling and texting, we don't have as much energy as we would like. The NICU is a very emotional and spiritually draining place. Granted, we are thrilled that the babies are there and the staff is simply wonderful with the care and the updates that they are giving us but it still takes a lot out. We wake up to a "Parade of Hope". Where one after another a doctor or nurse comes in and checks on Becca for something or other. It takes about two hours. At least it did this morning. She is kind of used to it. It's an adjustment for me. Let's also just say that some staff has more soothing voices than others.

Becca's bowels to start moving. She can't eat solid food until stuff happens down there. She has been talking about Panera since I showed up at the hospital on Wednesday. She hasn't ate anything in over 48 hours except for clear liquids.

Sean's Papa Bear claws and fangs. For those that know me this probably doesn't come as a surprise. Let's pray I don't kill any bunnies. I of course am not referring to the babies. People are sweet and I know they have the best of intentions, but they also don't realize what we are going through at the hospital so sometimes the comedic sense of timing makes for an irritated Papa Bear rather than a welcoming Papa Bear.

Also, pray that people are understanding of the care that we need to provide to our kids. These are our kids and we want them to be as healthy as possible. This means we have to make decisions on who can see them and who can't. It's sweet that people do want to see them and that comes with the territory of having babies, but we can't just let everyone and their brother in the NICU. The staff is encouraging us to drastically limit who we allow in there, especially this time of year with flu and RSV. We can not risk them getting sick. Their immune system will be very weak for the first year or two.

We want to express our thanks to everyone who has given us space during this time. I can only imagine how hard it is not to ask for updates or to call and see if we need anything. We greatly appreciate the space so that we have extra energy to spend with our babies.

The babies are doing great so far. Elizabeth was doing the phototherapy when we were in there yesterday and Elijah had moved to a CPAP, but might have to go back on the ventalator. As usual, no news is good news. We are always glad that the NICU doesn't call us during the night.

Update: The doctor gave Becca permission to start eating food in small quantities

posted by Sean


  1. Thanks for the update Sean. You put everything beautifully. And I think that all of us with your best interests at heart will agree that you need to TURN OFF YOUR PHONES.

    For at least a week.

  2. You just want to love the bunnies, but you have these fangs, these huge fangs and these claws. How you can love the bunnies with the claws and the fangs?

    Praying for you. You're doing great. Turn your phone off, get some rest.

  3. Rebecca-As someone who just had a baby via c-section (only a single, though) - yes, it really does take a couple of days for your milk to come in. I was ready too and kinda suprised when it didn't happen quickly. I had brought my pump to the hospital and was ready to go and only got a few drops too. Believe me, it's there now! It DOES come! LOVE your posts and enjoy every much reading about what's going on. Although I don't know you personally (I work with your dad), I feel like I do from your posts.

  4. Thanks for the update! Remember that whatever decisions you make for your kids is fine! My kids were born in February at 23 weeks, so we didn't let anyone visit except our parents and siblings. As much as I wanted every one to meet our tiny little miracles, it just wasn't worth it. They didn't need to see them and risk getting them sick.
    Don't worry about being a irritated Papa Bear. You hae every right to feel that way, you are going through so much right now.
    The NICU is such a rollercoaster of emotions, make sure you reach out to others that have already experienced it for support. My best piece of advice is to remember that these are YOUR babies, not anyone elses, so don't worry about making the right decisions because you will!

  5. I agree with Michelle. Turn off the phones, and update us when you have the time and energy. Constantly being "on call" is very draining.

    We love you guys and all the little Ischums and want the very best for you.

  6. Thanks for the update! glad everyone seems to be doing so well including rebecca! :-) Still praying for you all as just part of your journey is finished... the rest begins! Enjoy it, get some rest!

  7. Sean, you don't know me but I know and love your Becca! Having had 3 preemie grandbabies, the NICU sounds so familiar and reassurring. I remember that every day hangs on the doctors report. It is like a merry-go-round of emotions! Also, just tell people they cannot come!!! Be firm even with the grandparents! HA! I was told more than once to step back, and it was the right thing! This is just the beginning of you being in control and taking care of YOUR family. We care deeply for you, Becca, and all 4 precious babies. Greetings from New Mexico! Suzi

  8. sean and rebecca,
    you guys are doing awesome!
    turn off your phones, tell people NO visitors, doctors' orders and take care of your family! good job sean!
    ps we do love the pictures, but aren't dragging bugs into you that way.

  9. Everyone needs to be reminded that is not just your babies in the NICU you have to worry about. But you also got to consider all the other babies in the NICU you don't want getting sick when you invite people into the NICU to see the babies. Some of those babies are not as healthy and don't need anymore complications. Your babies are in there because you had 4, others are in there due to problems and complications.

    So you do have to really limit who and how many people can go see them. So just make sure other people aware of that when they are requesting to see your babies. We had to do the same, also I don't know what the limit is there, but they would only allow 2 people per bedside at KU.

    Once the flu and RSV season is over, then you can invite more people in to see and visit with the babies. So until then you could do what we did and take lots of pictures to show everyone.

  10. Praise the Lord that your little ones are doing well! We will continue to pray for all of you. I don't truly understand what you're going through right now but I do to a certain extent. Just do what's best for your family..that's what's important. People should gladly support you. We love you guys!

  11. Thanks for updating. We all want the best for those 4 and just need to be reminded. It's OKAY to be a PAPA BEAR, Sean.
    It's your place to be the protector.

  12. When we had our preemie (after a month on bedrest at the hospital) one of the nurses posted a "Please do not disturb" sign on the door during a procedure. We accidentally forgot to remove the sign and the silence was wonderful!! By the third day, I was wondering what had happened to the steady stream of people. I could finally nap when I needed to!

    Another thing that was magical (and you probably know this) were the lactation specialists at St. Luke's. My body was just too beat up and tired to produce milk. One of the specialists suggested trying Domperidone, which worked miracles. While I was trying to make my decision about taking this drug, the main lac. specialist encouraged me to call her at home with questions about it. Might be something to consider?

    Best of luck with everything and we will continue to pray for you and your adorable babies!

  13. Hi y'all. Glad to hear the good news. Is Becca using a breast pump to help the milk come in? Demand=supply!

  14. Congratulations!! You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers (and will continue to be)! Take good care!! Kathi

  15. Hi! I am a fellow quad-Mom. Found you from the quads and more group on fb. Congratulations on your babies! So glad to hear that everyone seems to be doing well.
    Yes, the NICU is stressful and many people do not understand just how fragile your little ones' immune systems are. As a proud new Mom (and a person who has a hard time saying no), it was very difficult for me to tell people no to come and visit. At the hospital where we delivered, the parents had to be with the visitors. I exhausted myself trying to let everyone see our sweeties. I then appointed my Mom and husband as gate keepers. They had an easier time telling people not to visit and I got to rest. Your wife really needs to take care of herself and recover (this will also help the milk come in.)
    Right now, only worry about your wife and children. Everyone else will be fine. Good luck with the coming time in the NICU, I hope that everyone progresses smoothly and you can all be home together soon!

  16. Hi, you don't know me; I'm a friend of a friend. We've been praying for you!

    Just wanted to second what Melissa HH said. If Rebecca is feeling up to it, she could use the hospital grade pump every couple of hours (even if only for 15-20 minutes) to build up her supply, get colostrum for the babies, and to encourage her milk to come in. If you haven't already, take advantage of talking to the lactation consultant at the hospital.

    Prayers for the health of the babies and the sanity of their parents! :)

  17. Btw--and you don't have to publish this--but, just to clarify: when I wrote the last line, I meant that entirely sincerely. Life is pretty crazy for me, and I'm just a mother of twins; I can only imagine how much more crazy it must be for you! So, my prayer is that you will have the grace and peace of God in your hearts as you face the next several trying weeks.

  18. Mine took a week to come in! Praying Becca's comes in earlier!

  19. Becca,

    If you can take a shower yet, take a really hot one, my milk came in after 3 days and I didn't want it to ever come in. God bless you for breast feeding. I couldn't do it. As for the bowels, are they giving you colace and simethicone. After two days of that and I couldn't stop going to bathroom. Good luck on all of it. I agree with everyone above. TURN OFF PHONES!!!! I also had lack of sleep problem and I only had one child. Keep limiting visitors even though its hard. Your sleep is the most important thing for the babies. Eventually you will have them to take care of and they need you to be strong and well rested. Have a great weekend and try to get some alone time to reflect if you haven't.

  20. Don't worry about your'll come. Mine took about 3-4 days I think. Just keep pumping often. Praying for you both! Thanks for the updates. I saw photos on your mom's FB guys have four little cuties!! :)

  21. God bless all of you...thanks for the update Sean, your really doing a great what ya gotta do, Papa Bear!!!
    Luv to your lady, Moma Bear, give all those tiny toes KISSES
    from all of us, we care...

  22. Papa Bear, you watch over those tiny cubs with the sharpest claws and growliest growl especially whilst Mama Bear is still recovering from her surgery. Please don't waste one second concerned about anyone who presses to come see the babies. There should be very few people actually entering the NICU other than you two and the medical staff. Even grandparents should stay away. There are just too many germs to risk exposing these tiny precious babies to. Take pictures and post even but as we are all praying for the babies, we must remember that they should still be protected inside the uterus where no one could see them anyway. Everyone should understand that for the babies sake, it may be months before even close family can be close and even then it will be at least a year before you will be able to risk exposing them to all the elements that fall off our skin, hair clothing, breath, etc.

    Once the babies start coming home, you will need help round the clock to help care for them for months. Anxious on lookers can help you out then.

    Mama needs rest and quiet for her milk to come in as well.

    Thanks for your postings. The two of you need to grab as much rest as you can and you need your space. I will pray that people will understand this.

  23. Still praying and will continue. Hopefully, no "strangers" like me will come barging into the hospital hoping to see the babies. We do not have any claim to them and it is rude to think we could just waltz in there. Family members need to think of the babies and Mommy and Daddy first. This is a very exciting time for all, but I only had one baby by C-section, and I was overwhelmed by family members coming to see me. I needed a rest, no one took the initiative to stay away. So please, keep this in mind, and stay away until Mamma and Papa Bear tell you to come!

    Congratulations and God's blessings to all!

  24. Sean and Becca ... beautiful babies and sweet parents. I will definitely keep you and babies four in my prayers, specifically for some much needed rest and recuperation for both of you. And, as you requested in your blog, prayers for Hannah and Jeff are being said as well. I'm hoping to make it to the shower on Saturday. OK ... time to stop reading everyone's comments and rest or sleep. Love to both of you. Mrs. Davis


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