Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rolling, Wiggling, and Giggling!

Hello blog world!

Apparently life only gets busier! I've been meaning to post for...oh....three weeks now. So updates and SO many pictures!

Caleb is rolling around on the floor these days, picking up toys, and traveling around on the floor to visit with all of his siblings. He gets a little bummed out sometimes if he doesn’t get a response from them. Such a precious little boy! When the others cry, he immediately tries to find out which of his sisters or brother is in trouble to see what’s going on. He gets the most concerned expression on his face and will stop playing or eating until everything is okay again. He is doing very well developmentally! He isn’t quite sitting up by himself yet, but with a little assistance, he does manage to balance himself using his arms and stay upright for a few seconds. He eats like a champ, and doesn’t spit up nearly as much as he used to. Thank goodness! He used to go by the nickname, Caleb the Erupter! Of course, now that he likes to take his pants off (see photo), he needs to be careful or he will end up with a new nickname!

Abby is our special baby right now (They are all special, but Abby is our ‘specially challenging one). We have really been struggling with her over the last few weeks with her eating. She has never been a very good eater, but recently she has been regressing. We literally force feed her these days while she tries to hit, kick, and knock the bottle out of our hands. We have begun using the “Abby Straight Jacket” (swaddle her from the neck down) in order to limit her movement. This is especially frustrating to us since we need her to grow so that she can get off of oxygen. That’s right. Our 7 ½ month old baby is STILL on oxygen support overnight and during naps. Now that her eating is getting worse, we are desperate to keep her weight moving in the right direction. We did admit her to Children’s Mercy for tests this week including an Upper GI and an Endoscopy. Neither showed anything wrong with her anatomy or tissue. Now we are waiting for biopsy results to come back in case there was something that couldn’t be seen with the x-ray or scope. It’s possible we just have a finicky eater, but we felt it prudent to be proactive. Other than her eating and breathing issues, Abby is an absolute star when it comes to development. Not only has she been rolling front to back the longest, she is also our happiest baby! She has no problem laying on the floor and chewing on her toys by herself, but if you catch her eye, she has the BIGGEST smile ready for you! She isn’t afraid of strangers at all and loves to share her sun-shiny personality with them. She is an obvious favorite with nurses!

Eli is such a cuddle bug! He is teething right now and quite a bit fussier than he usually is, but calms right down if he can just have a few minutes to cuddle. He has the most outrageous laugh out of the group! He easily smiles, but laughs are a little harder to come by. If we manage to get one of his scream/laughs out of him, Sean and I practically die! It’s hilarious! Video of Elijah laughing. He just started rolling back to tummy this week and we seriously can’t pin this boy down. Yesterday when I went to pick up Abby and Sean from the hospital, our helper, Cheryl, built a barricade with couch pillows because he kept rolling away. Today while we were feeding the girls, Elijah started rolling and by the time we got to him, he was in our dining room.  It’s amazing how fast these kids go from not doing something developmentally to us not being able to catch them!

Ellie has made vast improvements over the last 3 or 4 weeks. She developed an open wound and staph infection in her hemangioma about 5 or 6 weeks ago. The NICU follow-up doctor told us that she had never seen that happen before. Apparently, it just grew far too fast and became infected. We took her to the dermatologist and started doing wound dressings every night along with another oral medication to help control the growth. After about four days of treating it, Ellie was an entirely different baby! When we first brought her home, she cried so much, I thought I was going to go crazy. We thought it might be sensory related, but now we are thinking that her hemangioma may have played a part in it. Thankfully, the staph infection is gone and the hemangioma itself has shrunk considerably in size. Now she happily plays on the floor next to her siblings and is in a good mood most of the time! Her favorite place to be is in the corner of the mat on her tummy so that she can watch everything that is happening in the room. The tone in her legs has definitely improved, and she has serious abs of steel. She can easily hold herself up on her arms for 45 minutes at a time (see photo below of her and Grandmacita). Her smiles are precious because we have had so few of them up until now. It’s so nice to have a daughter who actually seems to enjoy life!

So there you have it! 7 ½ months old and they are all rolling around and playing. (I uploaded a video of the babies following a rattle if you care to see it.) This week, Sean and I plan on getting gates up to block off our living room and lower their cribs so that they don’t launch themselves out. Yikes! I thought my life was crazy up to now. I’m really dreading when they start crawling! Who needs a workout when you are chasing FOUR crawling babies?!


We are officially under lockdown for this year’s RSV and flu season.  We had fun taking the kids to grandparents’ houses a few times this summer, but from now until May, our kids won’t leave the house unless we have a doctor’s appointment (or we lose power again, but let’s all pray that doesn’t happen!) We are very serious about our lockdown because it could very well mean the difference between a hospital stay for everybody or getting to spend the cold weather safely at home. Most everyone knows that we have tried to keep our babies away from extra people since they came home, but now that’s crucial. Other than a few select people who come to help me during the day and our families, we can’t let anyone in the house. We have had a few people stop by without making prior arrangements with us. Although we know friends always have good intentions, we ask that you please respect what we are trying to do to stay on schedule, make it to our appointments, and protect our kids by not coming by the house unannounced. Come May, things will get easier for us, but for now, we are going to be doing our best impersonations of hermits. :-) Thanks for understanding!!


And for your enjoyment, a slew of photos in no particular order!


7 Month Photo! (clockwise from bottom left corner) Caleb, Abby, Ellie, and Eli

First Picnic: We completely rearranged our house over Labor Day Weekend. Our living room no longer looks like a nursery! All of the kids are now sleeping in their own cribs upstairs. On Labor Day, we had our two families over for a backyard picnic. We threw a big blanket our on the grass and put all of the attending babies out there to enjoy the sun. This photo is of our four kids plus their cousin Aly. Our girls weren’t too thrilled with the great outdoors. Their other cousin, Marissa, was running around playing and unfortunately we didn’t catch her in the photo.  (clockwise from lower left corner): Elijah, Abby, Caleb, Ellie, and Aly

At the end of September, my grandpa, Paul Taylor from New Mexico (I grew up down there for those of you who didn’t know that) and my Aunt Mary Helen flew up to meet their new relatives. I was SO excited when I heard that my 91-year-old grandpa was willing to get on a plane to come visit us! Caleb, Ellie, Abby, and Eli 

Four Generations! Ellie, Mommy, Caleb, Great-Grandpa, Elijah, Grandmacita, and Abby

We took a bunch of great photos, but I LOVE this photo of Abby smiling at her Great-Grandpa. 

This was just hilarious! Aunt Mary Helen sat on the floor, and I started piling babies up for a photo. Somehow, Abby ended up on the bottom of the pile. Haha! She took it so well but eventually didn’t think that having her brothers sit on her was the best idea. We were all laughing so hard! Caleb (in yellow), Abby, Eli, and Ellie with Aunt Mary Helen

This is a precious photo also! Great-Grandpa suddenly decided that he wanted to play on the floor with Ellie. 91 years old and he got on the floor! He’s obviously still full of energy and fun!

How cute is this photo? I caught all three of them smiling! :-)  Elijah, Daddy, and Caleb

Ever wondered how much formula a quad family goes through in a month? Yes, I do attract attention when I go to Walmart.

Don’t you just love jeans on babies? I do!  Ellie, Elijah, Abby, and Caleb 

Brothers!!  Caleb and Elijah 

Getting So Big!  Caleb, Abby, Elijah, and Ellie 

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  1. They are so beautiful! Next summer I will have to make it up there to see my sweet little cousins :) I'm surprised Sean didn't have you dress them in Cardnation stuff for a photo though...LOL Love to all and I hope everyone stays healthy this winter.

  2. This is a great post! I love all the pictures!

  3. Wow, you're Grandpa doesn't even begin to look like 91! I'm impressed! :-) I especially love the picture of Caleb and Eli sitting up on their tummies... adorable!

  4. Beautiful babies and great update! Thanks for posting!!

  5. Fabulous blog! It is so wonderful to catch up on all the activities going on in the Ishum household. You and Sean are doing such a fabulous job. Looking forward to seeing them in person one day. Take care of yourselves!

  6. Be proud of really got some great photos!!! And I just can't believe your great-grandpa is 91!! He looks GREAT!!! How sweet that he came to see you all. Precious memories. So very glad for you!

  7. They are getting so big! Happy Halloween


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